The Only Secret For Making Money On Bukisa

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Tips and advices about how to make money on Bukisa. You can find a lot of those. Easy and without any effort, they say. Well, it’s not that easy. You can, of course, increase your earnings by making others be part of your network. You can also publish your articles on other content sites. You can apply some advices about how to make your articles more visible or your titles more interesting. But that won’t help you get serious money. Unless you’re really lucky. The truth is there is only one secret. Hard work. Many, many  well-written articles.

Write, write, write

Bukisa pays good money for your content. At this moment, it pays 3.2 dollars on one thousand views. But just don’t think you’ll easily get one thousand views. It fact, it’s quite hard. You have to have some serious content. There are tens of thousands of authors that also write here.Maybe more. You won’t be the only one, that’s for sure. To get money, you have to publish a lot. More articles means more views for you. More views equal more money. Also, a good article brings others to read more of your other articles. If you have lots of articles, you multiply chances that someone finds you and then decides to read some more of your articles. From what I think, I have to have more than 100 articles on Bukisa to think I can earn satisfying sums of money. But I’m not discouraged, because I know that, like everywhere, work pays off. And, unlike some other jobs, once you’ve written an articles, it will continue to bring you money, maybe for the rest of your life. So, write a lot and write good stuff. Here, that’s the only recipe for success.

That’s not all

Once you published your articles, remember to promote it. Digg it, Reddit it, Buzz it. Connect your Bukisa account to your Twitter and Facebook accounts. That way, more people will have access to you work and that will bring you money. And don’t forget : continue to publish on Bukisa. In time, it will bring you good earnings. There is no easy way.

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