How To Get Splinter Cell Conviction $15 Cheaper

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Splinter Cell Conviction will hit store shelves on April 13th for a retail price of $59.99. How much will you be paying after tax though? Probably close to $66. What if I told you that you could get it cheaper than $60? Well you can is holding preorders for Splinter Cell Conviction and the game price is only $51.99. You know you can trust Amazon so it’s safe to use your cards there as well. Shh.. I have a special code you can use to knock of $5, this way you are getting it for only $46.99. When at checkout, enter the code “Splinter”. You might say “I don’t mind paying an extra $20 to get it right then and there. Well I have some good news for you.

Standard shipping (3-5) business days is only $4.98. But wait! Go down and click the bubble for Release-Date Delivery. This only costs $1 more than the standard. You will be getting the game on release! This offer is too good to pass up.

$46.99 + 5.98 shipping + $x tax =  anywhere from $53-55. This is your total and final cost. You will be getting it on release and paying over $10 less than you would anywhere else. Some game stores don’t even sell a game on its direct release date (i’ve had some experiences with GameStop). If you are a bargain hunter like I am, this offer is for you. 

Glad to help.

Please ignore this sentence as I am only typing it to complete a minimal word count of 250 words that are required to post this article.


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