What To Do When You’re Sick Of Writing

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Any writer has had writer’s block, I’m sure of that. That frustrating feeling that you don’t have a single idea for your article, blog, book or whatever you’re writing. The good news is that you can always find solutions to that problem. Here you have some of them.

  1. Relax

That’s the most important advice you can get to overcome writer’s block. Just take a walk, play something, go to a movie, get out for a beer. Have fun. This way, your brain can take the break it needs to become creative once again. And it can find new ideas.

  1. Associate

You write something from a angle and it’s not working ?  What if you associate your subject with something from a whole other domain ? Do you write about cars ? Read something about polar bears. Or lions. Or the rainbow. Some of the best ideas can come from the craziest associations. Some other way to associate is changing the angle. Do you write about getting married ? Everyone will write about how beautiful can be. Or not. You write about how to avoid being proposed to marry. I did it. Writing on the subject, not marrying. Anyway, you got the idea.

  1. Make a list of ideas

Try writing whatever it comes to your mind about the subject. Or even about things that don’t have nothing in common with the subject. They could also help. Make a list of ideas. Once written, they’re a lot easier to associate. And they can generate new ideas. The secret is to always have them in front of your eyes. That way your brain can chose the deal-breaker idea.

  1. Do free writing

Free writing is just number three tip on steroids. How do you do it ? You just write. Write without stopping. Write for 5 or 10 minutes, without stopping for a single second. Write anything it comes through your mind. About the subject or not. Write, write, write. When you don’t know what to write something, just write ,,I don’t know what to write’’. Then look at the result. Maybe you have one or more ideas you can use. If not, it’s ok. It helped anyway, because it forced your brain to think. Repeat the process. Sooner or later, it will help you unlock.

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