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I have started this page to help people who keep asking the same old thing how can I Make Money Online.

If your just a normal Joe or Jane Bloggs  who just wants to maybe earn enough money to pay for there internet access, it maybe that you just want to earn a few extra bucks a week or even just getting paid to pass a bit of your spare time or enjoy it as a paid hobby. Then I suggest that you join a suitable Survey site that caters to your lifestyle and knowledge.

Survey sites need honest answers otherwise the Surveys are pointless, my advice is to give true and honest answers and leave comments when asked, only complete Surveys that are applicable to you, build up a good Profile with the site that you have joined, over a period of time your profile cred will have built up and you will find that your surveys become more indepth the money or points paid become of more value. Having tried most or at least I think ive tried most top rated sites, the ones claiming to make £30 a survey hardly ever seen a penny just keep getting entered into prize draws and never won a single one.

I have been a member of PureProfile this has been the only site that pays real money, I doubt very much if I would ever get rich or make a living from doing surveys from this site or any other, but it does pay real money. When I first joined the surveys lasted 5 to 10minutes and got paid between 10p to a £1 that was over a year ago the surveys were few and far between and I would think myself lucky if my earnings reached £10 a month at first.

Maybe I could of earned more by cheating and answering surveys that I knew nothing about, but being honest and answering only the surveys that did apply to me, my profile credability has improved and now more indepth surveys come my way that last 30mins or more. I can be paid upto £10 each since xmas my account has earned me enough money to start a holiday fund with its not a fortune but helps towards paying for my summer holiday, so be honest answer only surveys that do apply to you and see the Surveys and money start mounting up.

Hope this was helpfull to someone



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