Popular Canadian TV Shows – Past/Present

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Have you ever wondered what popular TV programs where made in Canada? Read on and you might be surprised to see what shows were originally from Canada or taped here.

Mr. Dress Up
For those of you who don’t know, this program was a children’s favorite for almost over 30 years starting in 1967 and finally ended in 1996.

Mr. Dress Up was the creation of Ernie Combs who loved entertaining children. This TV program became one of Canada’s longest-running and most beloved children’s programs. His showed contained everything to amuse a child from arts and crafts to imagination time were he would dress up and pretend to be something else.

Ernie Combs passed away on September 2001 and reruns of his show continued to run until 2006.

Degrassi High
Here’s another Canadian favorite even I have grown up with through the years. I don’t care who you are because everybody has heard of Degrassi, Degrassi High or Degrassi Next Generation.

For those of you who don’t know what this show consisted of, it was about teenage life and the problems they face. The show was taped in Toronto and dealt with real life issues.

The original Degrassi aired from November 1989 until Jan 1991 but after it ended many different versions were created but with all the same characters.

My kids now watch Degrassi Next Generations which is basically suppose to be the kids of the people I use to watch on the original Degrassi.

Holmes on Homes

Now this is a fairly new show which only began in 2001 but is growing in popularity very quickly. Basically it’s about an honest contractor from the Toronto, Ontario area that goes around fixing other jobs that previous contractors screwed up.

The show is an hour long and is very detailed and informative from a contractor’s point of view. Mike Holmes is also involved in many different types of charity work which basically all stemmed from the starting of his TV show.

Holmes on Homes can be seen on HGTV in Canada every week night at 6.

Corner Gas
This is another fairly new comedy program produced entirely in Saskatchewan which became an instant hit.

Basically it’s a 30 minute comedy show on life in a fictional small town in Saskatchewan called “Dog River”. As of April 2008 there has already been 88 episodes aired with only 19 remain in the last season.

Corner Gas can also be seen in the states not sure what channel thou.

Trailer Park Boys

This is one of Canada’s most recently insane popular TV programs that everyone has heard about at some point which first aired in 2001.

Trailer Park Boys is about a bunch of dysfunctional residents living in a trailer park called “Sunnyvale Trailer Park” near Cole Harbor, Nova Scotia.
The main characters Ricky and Julian are always trying to come up with scams to make a fast buck which usually ends with them going to jail or some other bad thing happens.

Reruns still can be seen here in Canada every Sunday night on Showcase.

This Hour Has 22 Minutes

Now this show might not be as well known as the others but here in Canada it remains a favorite to anyone who has a political interest or interest in the government.

The show is basically a spoof of a real news show that deals with political issues and runs funny skits about the government and the Canadian economy.

The 22 minutes in the title comes from the fact that there are only 22 minutes actually in a 30 minute TV program because of commercials.

The show has been running for 15 years now and can still be seen here every Tuesday night at 8:30.

The Red Green Show
This is Red Green (Steve Smith) the man in my opinion for making Duct Tape famous.

His show is basically about a bunch of out of shape men who are lazy and like to hangout at “Possum Lodge” the local spot for the guys. Red Green is mainly known for his secret weapon, Duct Tape which he used to fix everything that was broken or he was making.

The show aired from 1991 and ran till April 6, 2007 but reruns still can be found on TV.

Creepy Canada

Creepy Canada is a popular show among young teenagers and people with paranormal interest.

The show travels around Canada trying to document strange occurrences that have become legends. They have even visited my home city of Peterborough, Ontario trying to film the ghosts of the Lift Lock.

The showed first aired in October 2002 and began its 3rd season in 2007. It is said the show is going to start traveling and taping all over the states soon.

The Littlest Hobo
The littlest Hobo was first aired in Canada back in 1963 and ran only till 1966 before being dropped. The show was eventually picked back up once more in 1979 and enjoyed 7 years of popularity before finally ending for a finally time in 1986.

Basically the show is a lot like Lassie except the dog in this program is a loner who goes from town to town helping people then leaves after the job is done. Everyone keeps trying to adopt the dog at the end of the show but he leaves and continues on with his journey.

This show in my eyes is a Canadian classic that I would personally like to see be remade into a newer version for today’s children.

The Beachcombers
The Beachcombers might be one of the greatest TV series classic to be created in Canada that originally aired for 18 years.

The show finally finished airing in 1990 but soon fans were complaining and wanted their beloved show back. There where websites with petitions to have the showed aired again but by the time the decision was made to bring back “The Beachcombers” 3 of the main characters had died.

The New Beachcombers was released in 2002 in hopes of drawing the old fans from the original show back and to bring the visitors back to the place where it was filmed but sadly the show was not a hit but more less of a flop and was cancelled shortly after.


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