A View Of Alice In Wonderland Film

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 I have to say that I was pretty disappointed in this adaptation by Tim Burton. Visually a unique film, but too much time was spent on the Mad Hatter, Johnny Depps character, whose character never really develops over time. There was just so much of the book that never made it to the Disney’s version and here again it was left out. I have to say that the books rather insane, and written with so much of the era that Carol  was writing it, that you spend most of the book looking up old fashioned terms and poetry. I don’t think it could even be called a children’s book anymore, it is way over the heads of kids these days, too much of it is historically related. All the more reason to start from scratch, which Tim Burton did, but with such a cliché plot line. The man has one of the wildest imaginations in film today, and this was pretty tame. The acting was great and I couldn’t have asked for more from the costuming department, but if you are going to make up plots and create your own ending why not go way-out there. Maybe a bit of a back ground of the White Queen and the Red Queen. Why the heck do they hate each other, and why did the younger sister get the crown over the older? Alas I thought the made for TV SYFI “Alice” had more of an interesting back story. And why was Johnny Depp slipping in to a Scottish brogue when angry and lisping when not? All of sudden he would sound like “Braveheart”. Here is one of the world’s strangest children’s novels ever written and Tim made a pretty common story line out of his version. All the really best parts of this book are left out, or see about a millisecond of screen time. The talking flower garden is one of my favorite scenes, grant it, it had a large scene in the Disney version but still. What about the white knight? And Tim those deck of cards didn’t really fit in with the rest of the style of world you made. I just wish you had taken the whole thing further, with the amount of technology that the film industry now has at their finger tips, I am expecting some originality. So please world of film start writing some new things rather then refurbishing the same old crap that has been jammed down our thoughts for the past few decades.


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