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Most coaches are always looking for a way to make their players and teams more competitive.  Staying on top of the latest’s strategies and techniques is crucial to any coach who is serious about their job.  The internet has become a very useful resource for coaches who want to stay on top of their game.  The following is a list and brief description of some of the best basketball coaching websites available. is a great website filled with articles, tips, plays, links and videos on just about every part of the game.  The website is primarily dedicated to basketball coaches, but there is a tremendous amount of information and ideas for players and parents as well. There is a lot of advertisements on the site, but if you browse around you will find tons of free and useful information. is a fabulous website filled with tons of free and interesting articles. Again this site has several ads and links to sites that want your money, but a lot of free information is available.  Monthly articles, coaching tips and the coach’s clinic section is filled with so much information that you will defiantly return to this site on a regular basis. is one of the most popular sites on the web.  Lost of links to books, videos and DVD’s are available along with a huge library of free and useful articles.  The website also has a very useful and informative blog and forum. contains a large amount of information for players as well as coaches.  You will find most of the articles very well written and helpful. is primarily a website designed to get you to purchase books, DVD’s and equipment.  The site has a enormous inventory of such items on a wide variety of topics.  Personal training, conditioning, and coaching materials are available along with a large selection of training equipment. provides a section in titled Training Articles that is packed with several terrific articles for coaches and players. is a very basic and useful site for youth coaches.  The site is packed with tips and quotes about coaching, training and leadership from many of the greatest coaches in the game. Most of the information on this site is free and easy to find, however their Championship Basketball Playbook will run you a little over $40.. is one of best sites around.  This site has a great supply of articles about coaching philosophy, developing team chemistry, motivating players, working with players, leadership, coaching strategy, practices, off season planning and much more.  The site is very easy to navigate and not to flashy. has a great section labeled Player Tips & Development along with links to free eBooks’ and other products available for purchase.

There is a tremendous amount of information available to coaches on the internet.  These are just a few of the sites a coach can easily find and use on a regular basis.  A simple search will provide many more including,, and just name a few more.  Don’t get bothered by all the advertisements, all of theses sites have the potential to provide you with a lot of useful information and ideas that may help you become a better coach.


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