Theraputic Benefits Of Journaling

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What can journaling do for you?

Journaling explores your thoughts and feelings. Not only is journaling a great tool to manage your stress, but a way for one to explore themselves. Writing in detail about your feelings and the stressful events in your life is more helpful than being vague in your journal entries.

Journaling is said to be a quick way to enhance your personal development. When you write down your thoughts you can understand them in a way you can’t when you keep your thoughts in your head. It gives you the opportunity to examine your thoughts, ultimately giving you more insight on them.

Your brain can process a large amount of data, but it has processes that do not allow you to “see the big picture”. By journaling, you can write your thoughts down and come back to them at a later time so that you can look at it without leaving anything out, or forgetting anything. It is easier to see the whole of your situation when reviewing in 3rd person.

There are many benefits of journaling. I would like to look at 4 very powerful ones.

1. It helps you solve problems that you would otherwise feel are un-solvable.

When you write down your thoughts, many times there is a solution that may seem so obvious, journaling brings it out by evaluating your thoughts after writing them down.

2. You gain clarity and find perspective.

When you have questions or decisions to make, journaling can give you valuable information on which way to go with your choices so that they are the best ones that you can make, for the greatest outcome.  When something tragic or traumatic happens in your life. You have a chance to explore the feelings you have about the situation and really understand them. By doing that you take it all in and “come to terms” with it, if you will, in your mind.

3. When you release your stress you are creating a healthier you.

• Journaling improves you cognitive functioning.

• Symptoms of asthma, arthritis, and other health condition can be decreased by journaling.

• Your immune system even becomes stronger lessening the chances of becoming ill and having to put things off such as work, family time, and leisure time. All of these are also stress reducers; you can see the cycle.

• Journaling also turns into a positive effects of a stress free life.

4.Journaling is a great way to track your progress and either change what is not working and come up with ideas that are beneficial or see what is working and create a focus point to stay on that track.

I know that, for me, journaling has definitely given me a chance not to spend time regretting what I do instead I have more time to work on getting things comfortable for me and my family. The best thing is that I don’t have to pay a professional and hourly amount to figure out what I already know and have yet to realize. By writing down my thoughts I can come up with good, helpful ways to correct what ever situation I come across.


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