If You Are My Friend

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If you are my friend,

please answer this,

we are friends,

or are we not?

You once told me,

but I forgot.

So tell me now and tell me true,

Can I say I’m here for you?

Of all the friends I’ve ever met

your the one I won’t forget

and if I die before you

 I’ll go to Heaven and wait for you.


A friend that I am very close with gave me this poem. It really made me feel good. I do not have many “friends”. I usually have only aquaintences that I talk to if they call or if I see them out somewhere. Because it is hard to find “true” (my definition of true, anyway) friends. When I choose a “friend” I want them to be life long friends. Being able to trust people as true friends to me means being able to confide in the the things that you would never tell anyone else. You have to trust that they will not judge you, and only be there for you no matter what your life is like. You do not have to like what your friends do but if you are a true friend you will be there for them in what ever decision they make, right or wrong in your eyes.

This particular friend showed me that it is ok to trust her, and in return I want her to be able to confide in me and know that she will also be able to confide in me. I think this friendship has showed me that you can count on people.


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