Finding The Strength For A Great Life.

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Finding your strengths, finding yourself.

For some figuring what their strengths are is no simple task. But the rewards when they are are worth the hard work . Because we tend to focus on only what we can see, causing to miss our other characteristics. It is sometimes hard to recognize the strengths we do possess. Explore yourself, ask yourself questions: (yes this is an exception to the rule “you can talk to yourself but if you start to answer yourself that’s when you should start to worry.)

1. What do I think about myself?

2. What do others think of me?

Boost yourself up by using affirmation. If you come up with good things to say to yourself, and believing them, your life will change dramatically. Start out with about 15 positive affirmations, and increase them as your affirmations become a natural thing. It is helpful to use I statements:

– I am a brave person

– I am a loyal person

– I deserve to be happy

– I am a creative person

– I am a hard worker

When you start to use your affirmations on a regular basis you will gain the confidence it takes to change. Strengthening yourself also establishes a strong family. When you master the self affirmation you can begin to set and write your goals, which is “the purpose toward which an endeavor is directed; an objective.”

Setting goals is  very powerful since you have to dig into yourself to know what it is that you want out of your life. Goal setting should not be something that you are afraid of. When you reach your goals enjoy the feeling that achieving your goals brings. An important part of setting goals is to make sure that it is for you and not to please someone else.

7- steps to setting goals that has been a great deal of help to those that are just begining their journey to finding and sharpening your strengths.

1. Don’t make a goal that just sounds good, make sure you really something that you want.

2. Make sure there is no conflict between any of your goals.

3. Choose different areas of your life to create goals around.

4. Make positive goals for yourself, and st ear clear of negative goals.

5. Put detail in your goal- the more detail you add the better vision you have of accomplishing your goal.

6. Make your goals high but attainable.

7. The most important key to a successful goal is WRITE IT DOWN.

After you have written down your goals and placed them in an area where you frequently see them, review them regularly between 3-6 months. This allows opportunity for change if needed so that you get the best possible end results. Appreciate the fact that when you review your goals and you are moving in the right direction, your life is on the path to your happiness. Remember not to criticize yourself if setbacks should they occur, these are only temporary and should be learned as a learning tool.


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