Clash Of The Titans (2010) – A Film Review

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Warning:- This review contains some spoilers. I suggest you to please watch the movie first before reading this review. Thank you.

One of this year’s most anticipated film comes with a loud roar that ends up soulless, ordinary and boredom. The remake of the original 1981 does not live up to much expectations especially how well the original theatrical trailer was played and the final end product is nothing more than just a mere “huh”. While the special effects is an eyeful, a season “The Lord of the Rings” movie fan will find this nothing exceptional.

Synopsis:- Perseus (Sam Worthington) was found by a fisherman (Pete Postlethwaite) and adopted as his own child. When men go against Zeus (Liam Neeson) by destroying his statue, Hades (Ralph Fiennes) takes matters into his own hands and kills Perseus adopted family, whom were there at the wrong time. Found by the men of Argos, Perseus discovered he was a demi-god and his father was Zeus. As the king of Argos ask Perseus to go against the Gods, Perseus and a group of men are set on a journey to find a way to destroy the Kraken, that will consume Argos if they do not sacrifice Andromeda (Alexa Davalos) as a gift to the Gods. Perseus must return from his journey with a weapon that will defeat Kraken in 7 days.

The movie is rather spectacular – a big special effects galore that is quite eye candy but sadly we all have seen this before – The Lord of the Rings Trilogy. Everything that you see here – from background sceneries to creatures of monstrous size is nothing more than “I have seen this before” and sadly, throughout the movie I felt nothing more than just a movie made to make it big but is nothing new to offer. Everything that you see here is just seen before – the city of Argos is a construct of familiar wallpaper of any fantasy movie you have seen on your PC (if you love setting up your wallpaper that way). Giant Scorpions is like any giant “stuff” you whoa before in previous films. Witches and Djinns is a construct character made from other “previous” designs. And the Kraken – supposely bigger than Godzilla turns out to be a giant “other Kraken” (Dead Man’s Chest of Pirates of the Caribbean) with a familiar head design. Yes, everything that is seen here with the “wow factor” that up the scales of the special effects is just a “seen before” factor. Even “Gorgon” – which has a nice construct of how she turn her victims into stones feels like watching Angelina Jolie coming out from the water with a beautiful glare from “Beowulf” – a beauty with a deadly glare with a small difference.

The plot itself has some changes (like most remakes do). To make it even better a few changes were made – Zeus teach Acrisius a lesson by sleeping on his wife (which bore Perseus as a demi-god), The Pegasus is black and was not lead by a mechanical owl but rather just appear for the sake of appearing, Poseidon (Danny Huston) rapes Gorgon and that is how she became Medusa and Perseus did not end up with Andromeda but with Io (Gemma Arterton). While it does feel more edgy and darker (with a little humor that is rather tasteless), the movie itself has no soul that you can’t feel any connection to any of the characters or even to the story. It has everything to be but while watching the film it just do not feel anything well conceive as a film but rather a movie that just give a reason to be made because it is “Clash of the Titans”.

Sam Worthington as Perseus is nothing more than Sam Worthington as Marcus Wright or Jake Sully – his acting is nothing new to offer. While at the moment he is a rising star, I still do not see anything new to offer as he always plays these sort of roles in previous films. Liam Neeson playing Zeus is nothing more than a father figure he always play but has a sort of lion anger in him that even though in this film Zeus is passionate he just do not show much of that. Ralph Fiennes always plays villains in his own way – deadly and conniving. As Hades, sadly he is conniving but rather one that is rather on the surface without a sense of depth. Others like Pete Postlewaite, Alexa Davalos, Gemma Arterton & Mads Mikkelsen has scenes that makes up some strong support to the main actors. Sadly, many other actors are cast with one line or even three… namely Danny Huston (one line cast) as Poseidon and Luke Treadway (three line cast) as Apollo. As for other Gods, they just stood there like coffee standouts looking gorgeous from afar but nothing more. Oh and Natalia Vodianova looks beautiful and gorgeous as a CG Gorgon – just like how Angelia Jolie look gorgeous as a CG in Beowulf.

“Clash of the Titans” is a movie that should not be remake unless they put a lot of depth into the film. Yes, the special effects is top notch but then it is nothing exceptional. The plot is soulless and the actors themselves is not doing much like they have done better before in the past. Overall the movie makes a good try to wow the audience but I believe season movie-goers will find this nothing new to offer and would wait for better summer movies to fork out their hard earn money than to watch this in cinema.


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