Avoiding Information Overload

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We get lots of information from so many media- radio, TV, internet, magazines, and newspaper among others.  We don’t know which information to believe and to collect. This delimma is called information overload.  Say for example you have to research for homework.  Clicking so many links and collecting all the information only to get so overwhelmed and you don’t know where to start.  This is what we are experiencing nowadays.

Here are the basic things you have to do when collecting information:  First if you have several tasks to do, do the most difficult thing first.  Secondly, don’t procrastinate.  Thirdly, do one thing at a time. Take one piece of information, deal with it, file it, then yo can move on.

Information overload according to researchers threatens to slow you down.  There are basic filtering techniques that is easy to do. An American organizing guru suggest tips to help you separate the good stuff from trash.

Feel it.  How do you feel about the information that is presented?  if you’re energized and overwhelmed, then you can collect it.

If you’re inspire. Check out your reaction once you read about something.  Does the information excite and inspire you? if so save it.

You love it. Do you love it? if so, these are the ones you collect.

Timely. Just leave it if you can’t  read it right away.

Go for economical. If you want to buy a thick reference book but don’t have time for it, better not to buy one.


Magica, Vol. 13 No.1 by N. Fedaliso


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