Rounding Out Your Fantasy Baseball Bench

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There are reasons that players like Ben Zorbist and Asdrubal Cabrera have value beyond their five category contributions: multi-position eligibility. Now that your drafts are drawing near or have just been conducted, it’s time to identify some insurance.  Ballers who can ride the bench, play when there is a day off and fill in when there is some injury.  Players with multi-position eligibility allow you to save valuable bench space, and can help you mix and match line ups for the best possible matchups.  Here are a list of multi-position eligible players that are available late or for pickup that can round out your bench.

High power – chances are when they fill in they will for 1 for 10, but that one is going to be a dinger

2B/3B Ian Stewart COL – a favorite candidate to be a breakout player and started by many teams, but if you can pick him up late as a backup for shallow 2B and 3B position he has a lot of value.  A low average is keeping him out of a lot of lineups but if you can keep him in your pocket and throw him in on off days and for hot streaks he is as good as gold.

1B/3B Chris Davis TEX – a post-hype sleeper with a new approach entrenched in the Texas lineup.  Drafted way to high last year, he his barely being drafted at all this year, at least at a time where your roster is going to filled and it’s time to fill that bench.  30HRs seem a good guess if he can stay in the lineup, and like Stewart, Davis is great to fill in when your starter has a day off or if Davis goes on a hot streak.

1B/OF Nick Swisher NYY – Not technically a starter last semester, Swisher still managed to hit 29 HRs.  Now considered a ‘starter’ anchoring right field for the Yankees, it can only be assumed he will repeat his performance from 2009. A paltry average can be palatable as a fill in if a few more HR’s a related benefits are brought your way.

High Average – Good fill-ins because they will add more than they will take away.

1B/3B/OF Mark Teahan CWS – Chicago is the land of misfit players, and Teahan is the epitome.  After years in KC with no help, Teahan finally finds himself on a team where we have heard of the players batting around him and he can finally relax in the batter’s box.  Teahan is not a star but he is solid, about 18 HRs and a .300BA is a solid line for a player you can plug in on off days.

2B/OF Skip Schumaker STL – Batting in front of Holliday and Pujols makes life a lot easier, and Schumakers has benefited by batting over .300 every year.  As a throw in player every now and then he will pick you up a few runs while not impacting your batter average bottom line.

Cut Below the Cut – Starter, solid production, just not enough to crack a fantasy lineup

1B/3B Jorge Cantu FLACantu’s power has flexes greatly from season to season.  Regardless he is in the middle of a good Marlin’s lineup and he might find his way starting in a fantasy lineup as the season goes on.  But as for now, gobble him up in the late rounds and use him when and where he is needed.

1B/2B/3B Jose Lopez SEA – Last year Lopez saw a jump in his power numbers.  Do not bank on the HR’s to be there again, but expect all the peripherals to improve has he grows as a player, and as a result of the lineup around him being much improved.

3B/SS Jhonny Peralta CLE – Honestly Peralta’s value really comes from his positional eligibility.  Third and short are both shallow, and having a solid back up is essential just in case one of your players goes down.  He plays every day and has a couple of 20+ HR seasons under his belt.  Peralta is horribly inconsistent, but he is better than most other players you are going to pick up off the scrap heap if someone goes down with an injury.

1B/2B/OF Mark DeRosa SF – DeRosa found himself in a position where he is one of the top hitters in a lineup.  Needless to say that lineup does not have a lot of offensive potential, but DeRosa going to get a lot of opportunities to pick up RBI’s, and is probably going to have the freedom to swing for the fences.  His average dipped a little last season after moving from Cleveland to Saint Louis, but when he gets settled in San Fran, combined with his trio of position eligibility he is a great bench player.


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