How Corrupt Governments Are Voted Into Office

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Jamaica is currently ruled by an extremely corrupt set of politicians.

As an example; the cost of housing 67 Haitian refugees for 8 days is 9 Million Dollars.

The Haitians were housed in a church, not a five star hotel.  They were fed common fare.  Any medical/social attention they received was via state officials who didn’t get 1c more on their pay.  The security was done by the police at the same ‘rate’.   It did not cost the Jamaican government even 1k a day per refugee.

To make it simple, a tourist staying in a small suite one of the best hotels,  would have to put effort into spending  16K a day.  

Now how does a government get away with this kind of fraud?

1) Words not Actions

People are stupid.  Look at America. Sarah Palin; a moron on her best day, yet has an avid following. She talks about being a mother, yet her daughter is a slut who gets pregnant for a guy who can’t be paid to marry her.

Palin fights against Health Care reform in America, but avails herself of the free health care in Canada, etc.

In a country like Jamaica, where the average I.Q. is slightly above Forest Gump’s, Bruce Golding, the current

leader, can stand in Parliament, make a speech swearing to particular facts.  A few days later,  he stands in Parliament and swears to an obverse set of facts.

Hence, he can deny that the United States demanded the extradition of Chris Coke, then claim to be examining the documents, then deny extradition after nine months of ‘studying’ the request as it infringes the ‘rights’ of a citizen, deny knowledge of an American Law Firm which was retained to find Loopholes in the treaty, admit members of his government spoke to the Law Firm casually, deny members of his government retained a local lawyer as liasion,

admit members of his government retained a local lawyer as liasion, deny paying the American law firm, admit paying the American law firm, and just like Orwell’s Sheep, the public goes along.

2) Practice the 7 x 1

Whatever the cost, multiply it by 7 and present that as the final figure.

Stealing money from public coffers is not difficult.  One must begin with a vastly inflated figure.  Hence, if to build

a road costs 10M call it 70M.  Keep a straight face.  Present confused and complicated projections and fudge.

The money received is broken down as follows;

a) Actual cost of project

b) Right pocket

c) Persons who contributed to election

d) Superannuated mistresses, idiot relatives, drug dealers, etc.

e) Secret fund to buy votes, bribe officials, put on circuses

f) Investment in property overseas

g) Squirrel in Consolidated fund to help fudge figures.

3) Fart and Look at the Other Guy

Blame the Opposition for any and everything.  Point out all their corruption and make a big deal of it.  Make the public believe that ‘They’ are corrupt, you are not.  It doesn’t matter how or what.  As a magician uses misdirection,

so does the Corrupt Government.  It is always someone else’s fault.

Just as in 1984 there was this enemy upon which 2 minutes hate was reaped every day, invent an enemy for the people.  Use race if it works, use invented past slights, if one can, and every time your popularity slips, drop an old reference to something the other party did when in office.  It doesn’t have to be true, it just has to grab the headline.

4) Empty Boxes

Create a pile of ‘gifts’ which in reality are no more than empty boxes.  For example, health care and education were free when the PNP left office in 1980.  The JLP chipped away so that by the time they left office in 1989, there was no free education or health care, and the economy was in such a mess that the country couldn’t afford to provide education nor health.  

After 18 years in office, the PNP was finally able to give limited free education and limited free health care.

The JLP took office promising full free education and full free health care.

The education offered by government is so poor, the schools so dangerous, that the only way to insure education is to send a child to a non-governmental school where there are actually teachers and materials.

Health care means one could sit in the waiting room of a hospital for hours on end, see an intern, be prescribed medication which is not available at the hospital and very expensive at the pharmacy.  With a lack of doctors, nurses, space, a child who fell of a bridge and was paralysed, was sent home instead of receiving physical therapy; because there is no free physical therapy.

5)  Lie with a straight face

This is very easy for a politician to do.  Often the leader will find an expendable member of his cabinet or party to offer up as blood sacrifice.  This person will expound something that the leader can deny and then fire the wayward speaker.  The Leader can deny all knowledge of what the sacrifice said, and the public should be fooled into believing in the Leader’s honesty.  (Use the money in the Secret fund to pay for the Sacrifice’s reputation).

6) Doublespeak

This is very simple.  Raise taxes across the board.  The public protests, drop taxes from all items to a few.  That you intended to raise the tax on electricity only but knew the public would be outraged, (considering the blackouts, the exorbitant cost of energy)  raise it on everything.  Push the citizens to the brink of revolution then tell them, “We heard you, we’re taking the tax off everything but electricity”.  In this way, the public believes the government is responsive.

You can do this continually because people are stupid.  They will never figure this one out.

The Golding Administration, having emptied public coffers is getting money from the IMF.  This money will fall into the 7 x 1, so that by the time the next election arrives there will either be enough money to bribe most voters, or retire to Boca Raton.


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