Fantasy Baseball Last Minute News

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Ian Kinsler will most likely start the year on the DL. I’m moving him down on my draft sheet for shallow leagues, and avoiding him altogether in deeper ones.

Ian Desmond has not only taken has the starting SS job from Guzman in Washington, but it looks like he will hit in the number two hole. What is this? The Nationals making an inteligent decision that will actually benefit their organization? Well, I suppose there’s a first time for everything.

Sean Rodriguez is going to play pretty much everyday for the Rays. A 2009 Zobrist-esque season is not out of the question.

Matt Lindstrom is the Astros closer to begin the year. Draft him, just don’t expect him to last very long. But when you get frustrated when Lindstrom loses the job, just remember how tough it’s gonna be for the actual Astros this year. There’s no chance your fantasy team will be in worse shape then their real team.

Nolan Reimold looks to have lost his starting job to Felix Pie. Just when I think the Orioles deserve more credit then they get they go and make a decision like this. Pie can’t hit, and Reimold will get the job back soon enough, but it’s frustrating because now neither of them is really ownable in mixed leagues.

Arnoldis Chapman is headed to the minors to begin the year. Doesn’t matter too much to me, I think Chapman looks more like a future lefty specialist then a top of the line starter, but there are people who believe. Plenty of them. If you’re a believer, this could be good thing. The less time Dusty has with a young pitcher the better.

Jamie Moyer won the fifth starters spot in Philly. Not exactly sure why I’m writing this, nobody should really care.

Mark Teixeira was hit in the elbow by a pitch. Reports are that it’s not too serious and he should be fine by opening day.

I keep forgetting that Placido Polanco is hitting in the two hole for the Phillies. Oodles of runs, a .300 average, and double digit home runs from your second baseman? You could do worse.

Mitch Talbot has been named the Indians fourth starter. He’s got decent enough stuff, and could be a nice little sleeper in deeper leagues. Then again, it’s not like the Tribe have the kind of rotation that Talbot should look up to.

Nick Johnson is hitting second for the Yankees. In that lineup, Johnson could put out a solid return on a minimal investment for fantasy teams this year. But he’s more likely to win the award for most time spent on the DL.


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