High School Sweethearts

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It started when I was freshman in high school.  I was in gym class and they had a class called OWE that was in a room above the gym. Everyday the last few minutes I would notice this guy looking at me from the bleachers.  He was a junior so I was flattered to think he wanted to talk to me.  A few days later he talked to me and I was shocked.  He walked me to class and then one day finally asked me out.  Well his sister found out and said alot of things to me which I just ignored.  We dated for awhile he came to my house all the time even if I was not home just to see my parents,  After awhile I thought things weren’t working out so I broke it off.  He was so upset that his sister was making threatsto me which he didn’t know about.  We were still friends but when she did that I stopped talking to him and he did.not know why.

I started dating a guy in his OWE class to kinda make him mad.  I was just a freshamn so I had alot to learn.  It caused alot of problems in that class because the guy I was dating was spreading lies about us.  They got into a fight in class and when I found why I brkoe it off with him.  Well my sweetheart got hurt in a sledding accident and I didn’t know it for a few days.  When I found out I was upset so I went to see him since he was at home resting.  We got back together and had a long talk and he was so mad at his sister I had to stop him from going after her.  His mom decided to move so he went to a different school so it was hard for us to see and talk to each other so we broke up.

14 years later a divorce and 3 kids later I was on a site callled Classmates and signed up.  I was not expecting to hear from anyone but when I did it was him my high school sweatheart.  I was so excited I callled my mom and everyone else I knew.  We chatted online for about 4 hours that night.  We decided to meet up that weekend and it was such a shock he hadn’t changed abit.  Well things went better then expected we ended up married and still have a great marriage.  Not all the time no one is perfect.


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