How To Incease Your Daily Page Views At Bukisa ?

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You choose to write about something interesting, spend hours writing it and then trying hard to get it publish. Lots of hard work, right? Submitting your articles on Bukisa is easy but not the end of your job my dear writer, as the course to make money is a bit tough. Read on to learn the answer to the most vital question, How to increase your daily page views?

How to make money from your articles?

The more page views you get, the more money you make. High quality content will earn more than other articles, and traffic from search engines will be paid at a higher rate.

How to get more views for your content?  

Advertise! Advertise! And Advertise!

How do you advertise?  

Simply by posting links to networking websites.

The bottom line is if you want to make money from your articles you need to advertise and promote your self. Tell me why do companies and business men spend lots of money in advertising? The answer is simple because they want to persuade their potential consumers to buy their particular brand of product or their service. Advertising acts as a best way of communication to encourage people to purchase and in return the advertiser earns publicity, brand status and of course makes money.

In the same way when you write an article, you need to advertise to earn those extra dollars. The most important aspects of writing involves advertising your content. There are a number of sources available to advertise your articles and surprisingly, most of them are free.

Secret for Advertising and promoting your articles – Posting Links

You can advertise for your content simply by posting links to your articles on the web, Yes that’s all you have to do. By increasing you visibility online, you tend to direct your target audience to read your articles and get more hits/views every day. So the bottom line is advertise, advertise and advertise.

Where to post links and how to post links? Here is a list of free web sources where you can post links to your articles on the World Wide Web. Simply register to these networking sites and post your links so that when people are searching they come across your articles easily. The result will be amazing as the number of daily views will shoot up immensely.

Where ?- You can post your links on networking sites like Digg it, Delicious, StumbleUpon, Mix it, Twitter, Yahoo Buzz, Facebook, My Space, Twittley, Propeller etc.

Get paid to post links!My personal favourite is Redgage because it pays you for the content you create. Simply post your article links at RedGage and make extra money. Every time someone views one of your content pages by RedGage, you make money as it increases your page views at Bukisa.

How ?- When you submit your articles on Bukisa, there is already an option to link your articles on few of the web sources which I have listed above. At the bottom of your article next to article rating , you can find the popular icons like Digg it, tweet me, Mixx it up, reddit this, stumble it, to post links. At the top near the title of your article, you will find tweet me and Facebook share.I am sure that there are a number of innocent writers who have never paid attention to them and are not aware of this special link facility.  

It’s high time that you should click these icons. See for yourself how they can help you to make your earnings rise instantly. So what are you waiting for? Go and start posting links to your articles and experience the instant boost in the number of your daily hits/views.

I hope that after reading my article you will post your links and get the best out of your hard work and time. But remember, success is not an overnight, one-stop solution. You have to be patient to achieve the desired results. Happy Writing! 


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