Hospital Bag Checklist: When To Pack And What To Pack In Your Hopsital Bag During Pregnancy

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Making a well packed hospital bag ahead of time, can really make your days easygoing and relaxed in the hospital. On the other hand preparing you bag at the last moment, can only lead to frustrations. You will be simply calling people to get what you need, which invariably will be the wrong thing, when it actually arrives. Not getting the right things at the hospital at the right time, can cause a great hassle and will also hinder in your recovery.

Therefore, it is very important to pack your hospital bag on your own and in ahead of time so that you can just grab it in a jiffy when you start rushing to the hospital. In few cases, the baby comes before the due date, so it is very essential to be ready with your hospital bag ideally around 36 or 37 weeks of pregnancy.

If you are planning to have your baby at home, it is a good idea to collect all the things and put them together, so that you can find them easily when the time comes. Your hospital bag should contain all the things you will require for labour and after the birth of the baby.

I would strongly advice you to pack two bags, one which contains everything required at labour, and the other one should have all the stuff you and the baby will need during the stay at the hospital. But if you don’t want a mix up between you and your baby stuff simply make two bags. During my stay at hospital, I personally opted for separate bags for me and the baby, doing this really turned out to be very practical and useful. Before you start with your packing, remember to ask your hospital what all they provide for newborn and mothers, so that you can take those items off your list.

Things you will need

To Wear

• Night dresses or pyjamas (front opening if breast feeding)

• Dressing gown and Bath robe

• Slippers

• Disposable Panties

• Nursing Bras preferably cotton, 1 or 2 sizes larger than used during pregnancy

• Long T-shirt or Short Night dress for delivery room

• Outfit for going home

• Breast pads

To Freshen Up

Towels and Face Wash

• Toothbrush and Toothpaste

• Deodorant

• Shower Gel , Shampoo and Conditioner

• Hairbrush and hair accessories like hair band , hair clips if you use

• Maternity sanitary Towels

• Hair Dryer

To Distract yourself

• Magazines, books or music

• Camera or Video camera fully charged

• Snacks for you and your partner

• Pen /Pencil and Paper

Optional extras

Bag for dirty laundry

• Aromatherapy oils

• Lip balm, body moisturizer, make-up

• Water spray

• Breast feeding Pillow

• A watch or an Alarm clock

• A bag packed with a change of clothes and basic hygiene stuff for your partner.

Things for the newborn baby

• Baby Shower Gel and Baby cream

• Baby Brush

• Baby Nail file or Baby nail cutter

• Nappies, Baby wipes or baby lotion, cotton wool

• Plastic Changing mat

• Socks and baby Cap

• Towels

• Bodysuits or Vests

• Pyjamas

• Sleeping Suit

• Cardigans

• Daywear Outfit

• A full set of clothes for going home

• Baby Toys

• Thermometer

• Blanket or Shawl

Finally you will need a car seat for your baby, if you are going home in the car. And dress your baby in a pram suit; it can be the best outfit for taking your baby home. Essential documents to be taken along are your maternity notes and the birth plan.

Most importantly I would like to advice you that pack your hospital bag with you partner so that he can find the things easily for you. Use this checklist as a guide along with the list you get from your hospital, and take what appeals to you the most !

• List of people with their phone numbers

• Hot water Bottle

• Nice Top or Shirt for the first photo session, when the Professional Photographer comes to take photographs of dad, you and your newborn baby.


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