Tips To Avoid Back Pain During Prenancy

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About 75% of pregnant women mostly experience back pain during their pregnancy. Generally the back pain is pregnancy related, and it usually subsides once the baby is born. The growing uterus and the developing baby lead to many changes in the women’s body and cause back pain during pregnancy.

The main cause of back pain in pregnancy is the extra weight of the baby which changes the center of gravity of the woman’s body leading to constant back ache. Loosening ligaments, hormonal changes are also other contributory factors to back pain.

The treatment for back pain during pregnancy does not contain any medications but is entirely based on the way a pregnant woman handles her posture. Back pain can easily be controlled during the pregnancy by keeping an eye on the posture.

Maintain The Right Posture

 It is very important to try to keep the right posture. Avoid slouching and sit properly. Do not put all the weight on your back, simply keep pillows behind your back on the chair to keep your back straight.

While standing keep your feet a bit apart, do not join them. Keeping your feet close to each other puts weight on your back and causes back pain. So while you stand try to stand straight, with your feet apart. Do not stand with your right foot in front and left foot at the back throwing your belly in front, though this is the most convenient way to stand, it is also an excellent posture contributing to back ache. Avoid standing for long periods. Proper rest and sleep is adequately required to avoid back ache.

Wear The Right Footwear

Keep away from high-heeled shoes and only wear flat shoes during pregnancy. High-heeled shoes help a great deal in causing back pain, and are also dangerous during pregnancy.

Wear Maternity Belt

To avoid back ache during pregnancy, wear maternity belt around your back as it helps to offer extra strength and stability to the spinal cord and saves you from backache. Maternity Belt can be easily purchased from all stores dealing with maternity clothes

Right Sleeping position

To have a comfortable sleeping position is very important in preventing back strain. Try not to sleep on your back, instead sleep on the side with pillows. Pillows help to support your tummy and back. Keep a pillow behind your back and put one pillow between the knees to hold the tummy. Sleeping with pillows support helps to stabilize the pressure on the back.


Exercise like Yoga, Pilates and swimming are very good to prevent back ache. Gym Ball exercise is an excellent remedy to back pain. Swimming or aqua-aerobics are excellent as water gives a weightless and gravity free environment, relieves the pressure from the joints immensely. Join yoga, Pilates or swimming classes which are especially designed for pregnant women and meet other women sailing in the same boat as yours. Exercise classes for pregnant women serve as a very good place to make friends with Moms to be.

Remember back ache is one of the common ailments of pregnancy and it surely subsides after the delivery of your baby. Maintain the right posture and keep your self active at all times to prevent back pain.


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