Here’s what Obama should do.

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I have seen Obama on TV all week and alittle tired of it.  Yea he is our so called first black president.  It’s not supposed to be about race but most people are making it that way.  The sad part is you can ask people why did you vote for him?  The answer you will get is because he is black.  Well it’s not supposed to matter what color he is it’s about what is going to do for our country.  That trillion dollar plan is a joke.  Why not take that money ans split it up and give us tax payers that money.  Most of us would take that and pay off our house and other debts.  That way money is flowing to the banks again and will give us all a fresh start.  George W. Bush should of done that instead of giving it to the banks that still won’t help us.  Obama wants to be a better president them prove it to us.  Not just saying YES WE CAN.  Everyday that goes by the economy is just going to get worse.  Nothing is an overnight fix but start somewhere.  All that money spent on his swearing in could of payed off alot of houses.  We have paid that money in why not help us not those other countries when we need it so bad right now.  You here this won’t be the Great Depression but go take to someone who went through it and they will tell you it may be worse. 


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