Being A Fashion Writer Who Hates Fashion

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There’s a demand for fashion writing. Every time there is a job ad for fashion writing, my first reaction is to get excited and then disappointed. Just like almost every freelancing ad, you are required to send samples. I don’t have any. I adore clothes and shopping and I love reading Cosmo. And Vogue and InStyle and Glamor. It is just so much fun to check out the clothes, shoes and accessories. There is the stuff you can’t afford and then there is the stuff you can. But I actually hate the whole concept of fashion. “Come again?” did you say? Let me explain.

I guess it comes with the territory of being a girl: I have more shoes and clothes than I can fit into my wardrobe and there are possibly millions of combinations of style that I haven’t even thought of. So, yeah I love clothes and looking good. Knowing my body with its pros and cons, I became an expert at what to show and what to hide. But I don’t have a single clue about what’s fashionable. Well, I can find out by going out and browsing a couple of universally hit and somewhat affordable shops like Mango.

So? Aren’t we always advised to write about stuff we like? What if I want to write about what looks good and is affordable? What if I want to write about being stylish for women who don’t want to fashion victims? Well, nothing is impossible, right? So maybe I can write for women’s lifestyle magazine without turning into Sarah Jessica Parker’s Carrie in Sex and The City? While I like the show and her character, her designer shoe addiction borders on pathetic. I remember an episode when she needed money for living arrangements and seemed financially broke. But when you look at her closet, there are hundreds of pairs of shoes,

each worth about $400. That’s nuts. Maybe I should start my own magazine. How to be Stylish without Giving into Fashion’s Every Whim. How does that sound?


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