Kay Yow died on Saturday

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Kay Yow died on Saturday at WakeMed Cary Hospital at age 66. Kay Yow was North Carolina State University head Coach. She won over 700 games in her career. Yow found out she had the breast cancer in 1987.Ever since the Hall of Fame women’s basketball coach was fighting the disease. In November 2004 she had a mastectomy as part of treatment. They discovered a lump close where the cancer was. In December the same year she had  surgery. She also started daily hormone therapy, and regimen radiation. This did not work. The cancer kept coming back. Yow was on hormonal therapy in her final months. The cancer spread to her liver and bone.

Kay Yow was a strong person. She would not give up. Yow would still show up to the North Carolina Games even though she was not feeling well. Yow would always talk to other patients about the disease. She also raise money to research cancer. Yow said that it was inspiring for her to stay with her team. When they interview Yow in 2006 she said, that everyone has to deal with something. Yow never complain about her disease. She would always have faith that everything was going to be okay. Yow was a very strong women, she would keep coaching even though she was not feeling well.

Yow was born March 14, 1942.In 1960s, Yow took a job at Allen Jay high school as a English teacher. There she coach the girls’ basketball team. Yow became the first full time women’s basketball coach in 1975 at North Carolina State University. She also coach women’s volleyball team and softball team. In 1978 she led her team to the ACC Championship. Yow reached the 700 milestone on February 5, 2007.They won against Florida State University with a 68-51 win. Yow is recognized for her dedication and success. She ranks the fifth in the NCAA Division, as women’s basketball coach.


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