Does Sam Bradford Have A Girlfriend?

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I’m sure that most fans of college football are well aware that Sam Bradford won the Heisman trophy in 2008. They probably seen him leading one of the most efficient offenses in NCAA football history and earning a great deal of attention until they were beaten by the Florida Gators. However one thing that many fans out there are asking is the question does Sam Bradford have a girlfriend?

It’s assumed that most famous college and professional athletes just automatically have beautiful women in their lives. There was a huge uproar caused over a photo of Tim Tebow with a very busty beautiful young woman which turned out to be just a fan picture and not his girlfriend. But what about the answer to the question does Sam Bradford have a girlfriend? Well here today that is gonna be answered as well as some discussion about his future draft potential.

So does Sam Bradford have a girlfriend? At the last time it was noted he did in fact have a woman in his life and her name is Kelsey Kurtz. There are some pictures floating around the internet if a person does a simple search on one of the larger engines such as Google. I’m sure here in the next month and there will be much more buzz surrounding this issue leading up to the NFL draft.

Now that we have answered the question does Sam Bradford have a girlfriend we can talk about his draft stock for the big event coming up here this month. There were some initial concerns surrounding the highly rated quarterback prospect especially considering that his last season was muddled with injuries. However he done a great job putting those concerns to rest with an amazing pro day where he wowed NFL scouts and personel with an impressive showing possibly bumping himself up to become the first pick in the draft.

At the moment the St. Louis Rams have the first pick in the upcoming NFL draft and they hold the fate of Sam Bradford and possibly girlfriend Kelsey Kurtz in their hands. If he gets drafted that high and gets the huge contract that goes along with that position will the couple get married? That is a completely different question for another day and there are probably only two people that could know the answer to one. Either way make sure and check out the NFL draft and see where the bright quarterback prospect from Oklahoma goes which my gut is telling me will end up being the St. Louis Rams.


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