How to Make Medical Decisions

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Remember this YOU ARE IN CONTROL OF YOUR HEALTHCARE. Your first big medical decision will be choosing your doctor.  This goes for all types of doctors.  When you choose you family practitioner you want to ask around.  Call and set up an appointment with several and interview them. Yes interview them. Ask them thing like; When I come in will I see you or your Physicians Assistant? How many no shows before I get released from your practice? Is there a charge for do of cancellations? How much time do you spend minimum with each patient? These are example but ones that should be on your list. Ask questions that you feel strong about.

Now you have chosen you doctor and are seeing him/her for a problem. you have pain that they can not find a reason for and this does not satisfy you. Go to a specialist and get a second opinion. Remember, it is your body that is in pain. You know what normal and what’s not.

Now your looking for a specialty doctor. You can get a referral from you primary physician. I again would ask around. If you know someone who works in the medical field then they may be a great resource for inside tips on doctors. Also, look the doctors up on the internet. You should find most doctors on the net and a lot of information on them. I like to find doctors who are involved in research and are writing article in medical journals. They tend to be up on the latest information.

You have been to specialist and he tells you that you need surgery.  Now come the major decision. Talk to your family. Ask the doctor if any of his patients that have had the surgery are will to talk to you. He will give you the risk and benefits. Talk to your family because they are you support structure. Research the surgery. See if there are support group for your issue and talk to the members if there are.

With these step you should be able to make well educated dicisions about your healthcare.


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