What Are The Health Benefits Of Ginger?

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Ginger is a special cooking ingredient, found in almost every kitchen all over the world. We all love ginger as it adds a tangy freshness, with a light spiciness to our everyday dishes. The mellow sweetness of the ginger complements a range of dishes from sweet to savory. Ginger really is considered an important ingredient for cooking.

But do you know that Ginger is not only famous for cooking purposes, but is also regarded as a natural remedy for a number of day to day ailments? Read on to learn the healing powers of ginger root as it works wonders in the treatment of everything from Asthma to Arthritis

Morning Sickness and Heart burn

Drinking ginger tea is the best way to overcome morning sickness. Especially during pregnancy,tea with ginger is a very effective way for getting rid of nausea. Alternatively simply eat ginger biscuits with normal tea to fight morning sickness. To get rid of Heart Burn or indigestion, chew a small piece of fresh ginger.

Arthritis and Inflammation

Ginger has anti-inflammatory properties and is a great natural pain killer. It is very good for people suffering from Arthritis Pain. Whenever suffering from body aches drink ginger tea for instant relief.

Menstrual Cramps

Ginger is considered as a powerful reliever for menstrual cramps. It also aids to incite delayed menstruation. Good for muscular aches relief. Simply drink ginger tea now and then to stay healthy

Sore throat, Cold and Flu

To get rid of cold, flu, sore throat or even a headache ginger acts as a great natural remedy. Simply add 2 tbsp of freshly shredded ginger or put a drop of ginger oil in steaming water and inhale. Steaming with ginger is very good when suffering from cold.

Dry Cough and Asthma

Have a spoon of the juice of fresh ginger, with a little juice of fresh garlic, mixed with honey. It really acts as a wonder medicine to relief cough and asthma.

Tips to buy the best Ginger

Pick up the ginger which has a thin skin that’s smooth, unblemished, and almost translucent. Do not choose the one that looks wrinkled, discolored, or moldy. One practical tip is to break off a knob and see if the texture is firm, crisp, and not overly fibrous. The ginger you buy should have a fresh and a spicy fragrance.

Tips to make your ginger last long

You can keep your ginger fresh for two or three weeks easily. To extend its life, just freeze sliced ginger. The best part of freezing is that there is no need to defrost it, and it is much easier to grate when frozen.

Tips to peel Ginger

Instead of using a peeler, use the edge of a spoon to scrape off the skin. It takes more effort than a knife or a peeler, but the result is much much better as you tend to waste less.

How to increase your ginger intake

You can increase your ginger intake by consuming Ginger bread, Ginger tea, Ginger beer, Ginger cookies and of course by using ginger in your everyday recipes.

I am sure after reading the health benefits of ginger root you will automatically use it a lot and benefit from its usage to a great deal. By now I guess you have become a ginger fan, right. So what are you waiting for? Go in your kitchen and treat yourself to a hot cup of ginger tea, right now !


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