Natural Remedies For Headaches

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In order to cope with stressful world of tight deadlines, traffic jams and high speed in almost everything around, do you find yourself taking an occasional painkiller. Most of us suffer from headaches now and then but taking pain relieving drugs every time for your headache, is not a good practice. Simply stop relying on the painkillers; as there’s much more you can do to escape the thump of your throbbing head. 

The different causes of headache are lack of food, lack of sleep, allergy, bright light, loud noise, high blood pressure hangover, stress, anxiety and nutritional deficiency. Whatever the cause of your headache, you can get rid of it without taking any pills. Read on to learn the home remedies and preventive measures to cure headaches naturally.

Hot or Cold Compress

If you get headaches when you are extremely tensed or worried a hot compress can give you an instant relief. Place a hot compress on your forehead for a while and then on the back on your neck. The heat will help you immensely to relax knotted up muscles and helps to ease your tension headache.

Alternatively go for cold therapy if you suffer from migraine headaches. Wrap a couple of ice cubes in a flannel or you can use a bag of frozen peas wrapped in a towel. Place the cold compress to your forehead. Cold helps to constricts the blood vessels and when they shrink, they stop pressing on sensitive nerves. The result you get an instant relief.

Don’t Forget to Eat and Drink

Drinking a large glass of water is a simplest remedy for headaches. Some times dehydration can be a reason of your headache so drinking water is the answer. A drop in blood sugar when energy levels become low, is one of the causes of headaches. Empty stomach causes headaches, therefore eat at regular intervals.


Aromatherapy is one of the time tested remedy for headaches. The aromas best known for headache relief are peppermint, sandalwood and most of all lavender, and eucalyptus. Try each of these, or use combinations. You can also opt for essential oils for massage, or use candles or soaps.

Drink Coffe , Ginger Tea or Balck Tea

Drink a cup of strong coffee when suffering from a headache. Caffeine helps to reduce blood vessel swelling and thus aids to remove head aches. Ginger has anti inflammatory properties and is an effective household remedy for headaches. Simply brew Ginger in a tea and drink it. You can also eat ginger biscuits or have ginger pills to get rid of headache.

Drink black tea with a few bruised whole cloves added to your tea. Tea contains caffeine and cloves have an anti inflammatory properties. Simple black tea with cloves can be a great substitute to your usual painkiller.

Use Headband

Tie a headband, tie or scarf around your forehead, and then tighten it just to the point where you can feel pressure all around your head. Reducing the flow of the blood to the scalp helps to relieve the pain in the case of swollen blood vessels.

Peppermint or Lavender Massage

Lavender or peppermint oil can help to ease tension and relieve the pain of a headache instantly. Gently massage your forehead and temples with the oil for 4 to 5 minutes. And then relax in a cool dark and quite place. The fragrance of the oil at first stimulates and then releases the nerves that cause headaches.

 Prevent Headaches by Exercise, healthy diet and proper sleep!

Go for 1/2 hour walk a day or a brisk walk outdoors when you get a headache. Exercise mainly helps to release the body’s natural painkillers, the endorphins. A simple walk can get rid of your headache easily.

It is very important to take proper rest. Follow a healthy sleeping routine and try not to go very late to your bed. A healthy sleeping routine can also save you from headaches.

Never leave the house empty stomach. Skipping meals is not a good habit, to prevent headaches and other health problems take proper care of your diet. And keep your body hydrated by drinking lots of water. Avoid tea and coffee but opt for fresh juices instead.

If you suffer from occasional headache it is usually nothing to worry about. But if you have three or more headaches a week or if you find yourself taking painkillers on a daily basis, then it is best to go and visit your doctor.

From now on before you think of popping a pill, remember to try these natural remedies. 


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