Healthy Aging – Healthy Fitness For Aging Well

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A healthy fitness is for sure one of the most important key factors when it comes to aging well, and regular exercise is even more important for seniors because the risk of diseases are greater and in fact the positive effects of a healthy fitness are realized more quickly.

Step 1: Exercise whenever you can! You can use the buddy system, it’s harder to say no to exercise when you exercise with a friend, you can even join a walking group, and remember to always look for daily opportunities to walk or play, for example you can park your car several parking aisles away from the office or store and in that way you are forcing yourself to walk.

Step 2: Start Cautiously! If you are just starting to exercise, start cautiously and progress slowly and if you have a medical condition or you are injured you should check with your doctor and consult her for help designing a fitness program that will gradually improves your overall physical condition.

Step 3: Time For Recovery! The majority of the people that start exercising or working out too long or too intensively usually give up very soon, because her muscles and joints become sore or injured, so remember to rest between sessions for recovery.

Step 4: Nutrition! A healthy diet is just essential in order to have a healthy fitness, so don’t forget to check our previous article about healthy diet, remember that one of the keys for a healthy aging is exercise + nutrition.

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