Top 10 Cover Songs In Metal

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 Many songs have got the privilege to get covered by metal bands. While some of them do not sound as good as they should be, others totally take a new dimension, sweeping the feet of their listeners. Let’s not go into the worst ones. Instead we should acquaint ourselves with those that are collectable. Here is a list of such great cover songs.

 1. Astronomy- This famous song comes often on radio. And everybody knows that it is sung by Blue Oyster Cult. However, listen to the metal version also which is composed by America’s favorite metal band Metallica. They definitely made this track an epic! Even those who are not into metal will find themselves enjoying it.

2. Little 15- This is originally by Dépêche Mode. Listen to Eternal Deformity’s cover version. While Dépêche Mode used piano to boost the beauty of this song, Eternal Deformity does not only use violin, but also drums and guitars which shape it into a metal. An interesting point to be noted is that the covered is not at all noisy, but melodic and subtle.  

3. Beat it- Almost all those who know Michael Jackson have the idea that Beat It is one of his most famous songs. Listen to Raintime’s cover version. Good news is that they did not change much of this song. Instead they added high speed and beats to it, making it more lovable.

4. Oops! I did it again– This song of Britney Spears is covered by the Finnish metal band Children of Bodom. This version is rather a fun song that will surely make anyone laugh. Therefore, if you are looking for something that is light add it to your playlist.  

5. Hallowed by thy name- This song is originally sung by Iron Maiden. However, Cradle of filth has given backbone to it by covering it in their style which usually incorporates horror and mystery. Actually, this song is covered also by Solitude Aeturnus and Iced Earth. But Cradle of filth’s version seems to always stand out.

6. The phantom of the opera- The singer of this pop song is Sarah Brightman. Anyone looking to have it in metal version must turn to Nightwish who covered it. The cover version has an air of both new age and metal.

 7. Hello- This is another most loved song of Americans. Its original singer is Lionel Ritchie, but the cover version is done by Northern Kings. Anyone who is into power metal is surely going to be taken by this track.

 8. Lay all your love on me- This classic pop song is from Abba. Listen to Avantasia’s cover version. It has higher speed with a touch of metal beats.

 9. Wind beneath my wings- Perhaps, this Bette Midler’s song is one of the most played songs on the radio. However, Sonata Arctica has done a good job by covering it. Just like Astronomy, this is an epic.

 10. All about us- Perhaps, Tatu’s original version of this song is perfect for teenagers. On the contrary, Sonic Syndicate’s version is more masculine and can be heard by all who are into metalecore.

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