How to Find Free Bricks

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*  truck or trailer for hauling.
*  flyers telling people what you want.
*  plenty of time to drive around
*  a sharp eye
*  a computer, newspaper subscription, or free paper
*  good pair of gloves


Search local classified ads, free newspapers, bulletin boards, Craig’s List and any other source that you have locally for people wanting to get rid of bricks. Drive through area where construction is being done. If you find a construction site where there are bundles of brick, watch that site until all of the brickwork is almost done. You can also check sites where buildings are being torn down. Disposal of building materials is expensive, so if you find a site that is throwing away brick, if you talk to the right person, you might be able to get it free just for hauling it off.


When you find a site that has the brick you are looking for, stop in and ask to speak to th job foreman or superintendent. Explain that you are looking for brick for a project and would be glad to haul any unwanted brick away free of charge. Make sure you talk to the person in charge and that they have the authority to give it to you.


Brick is purchased in quantity by a lot number. There is often a slight color variation with different lots, so builders buy all of their bricks from the same lot. Most of the time they buy more than they need, sometimes as much as 20% more. This means that the larger the job, the more extra bricks left over. This is in case bricks get broken or mis-cut. A lot of builders will bury the left over bricks to keep from having to pay for disposal. This practice may be cheaper for the builder, but can be a nightmare for the landscaper or homeowner.


Once you are told you can have the leftover bricks, abide by the builder’s schedule. Haul the bricks away as soon as the builder is done using them. Do not let them sit on the site after you have been told to come get them. If there is going to be a delay,communicate with the builder. Explain the delay and ask if it will be a problem. Stay out of the way of other workers, and ask permission if you need to pick them up on a day when nobody will be on site.


If you need more bricks than are on the job, ask the builder if he has any other jobs in progress or coming up that he will be using the same bricks for. If you are friendly, punctual, and cooperative, you will probably have a source for as long as you need it. Be patient. Even if you think the job is done, it may be several days or even weeks before you are allowed to haul off the extra bricks. Some sites will even load full bundles for you if it is convenient for them.That is on new construction.


If you are getting your bricks from a building that is being torn down, the contractor will probably want you to remove them as soon as it is safe to do so. You may also be required to sign a release form in case you get hurt on the site. Some demolition sites won’t let you on the site without insurance. This is so you can’t sue them if you get hurt. Unless you are reclaiming bricks as a business, you probably want to avoid these sites.


*  Be courteous. Always thank them for giving you the bricks.
*  Be punctual. If you are asked to remove the bricks by a certain day or time, do it.

*  Stay out of other worker’s way. They are getting paid to do their job. You’re not.

*  Always wear a good pair of gloves when handling a lot of bricks.
*  Be safe. Avoid areas that will put you in the path of falling objects, moving heavy equipment, flying debris, etc.


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