The next Stimulus plan!

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Hundreds of millions of Tax payer dollars for condoms!

Yes you heard me correctly Condom’s! America’s economic roller coaster has shot off the track!

It’s headed to the pavement and we are all on board!

Our governments’ solution!

To spend another $88,100 billion on another stimulus plan!

OK” it would be nice if that money came to the people who really need it!

It would be nice if every American got a Hundred fifty thousand checks to really jump start our economy!

Yet instead more than half of the money purposed for this new plan is being used once again for garbage pork programs!

Things that will drive us deeper in to a resection / depression!

Programs that will never help anything we need solved!

However, be a waste of Tax Payer money!

The government has so much money to waste on nothing programs.

Yet can not invest in the American people who need the money the most!

Do not get me wrong the government politicians are throwing the American Tax payer a bone!

After it has been chewed a few billion times!

One such proposal is to give any one who goes out and buys a brand new car off a car lot a $5000 dollar tax credit!

Now lets as thinking men look at this ridicules idea!

First the tax payer only can get the tax Credit if they buy a new car not a used one!

Before getting the $5000 car credit the buyer would have to pay the car totally off!

Most brand new cars are $22,000 dollars or more!

Now here in is the flaw to this rich mans idea!

Most people are out of work in the United States or are worried they will be out of work soon!

No one in their right mind will rush out and buy a brand spanking new car!

That they can not afford to be paying on in a strapped economy!

For a small credit of $5000 dollars you will not get back from the government till the car is paid off!

If you the buy should fail to pay off the car you will never see the $5000 Credit!

Like they say the devil is in the details!

I believe we as a nation have lost our minds and need our heads examined.

We were promised a stop to the pork!

Yet we see in order to get anything even done those greedy irresponsible senators.

That keeps demanding this kind of stuff be added to a stimulus packages that is so vital to America’s future just to gain there vote.

I say President Obama needs to come on television and say directly to the American people!


A warning to all states and there elected officials and those lobbyists!

Who choose to force go no where pork projects in into badly needed bills!

That is intended to save America’s economy and structure!

That the days of America being black mailed with pork programs for there votes is at an end!

If these senators or any one who attachés their names to such useless waste of Tax Payer money bills choose to act in this manner.

They will be investigated and impeached out of the Office they hold!

Under executive order its time to bring back trusted senators and people who work for the best interests of the nation.

Not for there own gains of power and what money they can get!

Senators should not be able to make deals anymore that put money in there pockets out side of there salaries.

Deals that are not for there states best interests.

Corruption is at an end in Washington.

From this point Senators are only allowed to receive pay or money that is stipulated in there budgets and what there salary is based on.

No more do the American people want to see these crooked Senators.

Like Illinois Senator Jovanovich” who tried to sell another senators seat!

In office or using their positions as tools to interrupt the flow of money being used to bring are nation back from the brink of destruction!

These enemies of America are no better than domestic terrorists black mailers seeking to usurp Americans trust and faith in the government they put in to place!

A new day of transparency and Honesty should run this government not back room hand shakes and hidden deals covered up to look legitimate !

We are the United States of America not the mobster mentality that has been allowed to flow for the last 8 years!


I feel by the time Obama gets anything done he will have to put under no uncertain terms things like this into place.

If he doses not America will never see the change Americans really need!


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