Who Was The First Vampire Superstar ?

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Historical  ?

First of all, it should be known that Stoker tried to create a fictional character based on one that really existed. In his 1897 book, count Dracula was in fact the old medieval ruler Vlad Tepes, which in English is translated as Vlad the Impaler. He was known as Dracula because his father was nicknamed Dracul, after being decorated with the Dragon Order by the king of Hungary. Still, Stoker makes some confusions, as Tepes was a Romanian, not a Szekely, like the author says. And he didn’t even ruled Transylvania, but another Romanian land, Vallachia, also known as Tara Romaneasca. In fact, he got his bad name because he attacked some cities in Transylvania that defied him and acted against his interests. The  German merchants from Transylvania were those who created the legend of Dracula, picturing him as a merciless, blood thirsty killer. Which, by the way, he  was. Except he didn’t like drinking blood. His nickname, the Impaler was given to him because he punished his enemies by impaling them. A cruel tactic, you got to admit.

In popular culture

In ,,Count Dracula’’ novel, the main character, a vampire noblemen from Transylvania tries to take control of the world by moving to London, the most important city in the world at that time. He might have been killed at the end of the movie, but his legend lives on in the western popular culture. Gothic horror was then on one of the most interesting thinhs in entertainment. Of course, the true fame arrived when Dracula became a movie character. Starting 1922, there were made more than 200 films about Dracula, which makes him one of the most popular fictional heroes in film’s history.


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