How To Remove A Broken Lightbulb With Pliers.

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Step 1: First rule: cut off the power to the light-bulb. If it’s a lamp: unplug it. If it’s hard-wired, then shut off the breaker switch to it. Don’t touch anything until you are certain that the power is absolutely shut off.

Step 2: Take a needle nose pliers and insert it into the metal housing at the base of the broken light bulb. Spread the pliers apart so that the tips of the pliers press against the inside of the base. If it slips, then exert more pressure.

Step 3. While maintaining this outward pressure with the pliers, rotate the pliers counter-clockwise to unscrew the bulb base. Continue until the bulb is out, or until the base is out far enough so you can grab the outside of the lightbulb base.


–If the plier tips don’t grab well enough, wrap the tips with electrical tape.

–Don’t be tempted to grab the rim with the plier tips. If you are lucky, and the bulb wasn’t very tight to begin with, it may turn loose. But uneven pressure may warp the base and now it will be even MORE stuck.

–Some people like to try the potato trick.  This sometimes works.  However this is not always feasible.  Number one you need a potato.  Two, if you have a potato,  you now have the dilemma of “Do I eat it?” or “Do I waste it on a light-bulb and starve.”  I happen to like potatoes, and I prefer them baked in an oven, not at 110 volts.

–As a reminder, shut off the electricity.


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