Who Invented The Ipod?

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Who invented the iPod?

Many of you readers probably have an iPod or at least you heard about iPods and even saw one. But did you ever wonder who invented the Ipod? If your guess was „some folks at Apple” you are basically right, but there’s a little more to the answer. When the Ipod was launched in October 2001, the market was full of portable MP3 players, so as you probably know, Apple didn’t invent the concept. The iPod was a big hit like none of the prior devices and quickly was sold all over the world. It was the first product to make the process of loading and listening to music elegant and enjoyable.

Jon Rubinstein, Michael Dhuey and Tony Fadell headed the team at Apple that after a year’s hard work, introduced us the iPod in October 2001. To help introduce the new player to the public, Vinnie Chieco, a freelance copywriter was brought into Apple. He suggested the name iPod because he was inspired by the line in the movie 2001: A Space Odyssey “Open the pod bay door, HAL.”

But who really invented the iPod?

If someone told you that the iPod was essentially invented in England in 1979, would you believe him? Well, it’s true. A British inventor by the name of Kane Kramer, developed and patent the idea of a portable, plastic, music player in 1979. Because he was unable to afford to renew the worldwide patent on his idea, it expired and he didn’t make any money from his original idea.


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