A Suite of Love Poems

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Now for Me

Love catches me by surprise

setting off voices of angels

who smile and lower their eyes

their music lifts me

sounds I’ve heard before

playing for someone else

and now for me


Disguised in full-length apron

pushing a roller pin

the everyday woman

was not the mother

I saw naked on high

spreading her arms

breasts lifted

waist flowing

into hips and thighs

the center dark

mysterious terrifying

to my eight year-old self.

I ran from her and myself

until I found me in her

and you with me.

Contemplating My Knickers

Upon contemplating my knickers

hot from the dryer a few days after you left

My underwear misses yours

in the wet intimacy of the wash

no more sloshing around

cheek to cheek

groin to groin



I want you

pressed against me

expanding into the universe

soaring on the warmth of our spirits

to get away from the towers of lower Manhattan

gasping its last breaths of black smoke and ash

away from Sue

getting a phone call at half past midnight

from a hospital nurse

you’re husband’s gone

where did he go

no dear you don’t understand

he died

away from the terror

of where I would be

if you died

I let go of all of this

we are afloat

in another dimension

in full body embrace

Erotic Love

In Old Age

The two old darlings couldn’t get enough

at each other morning and night

looking touching tasting smelling

eyes hair nipples flesh

soft firm wet

salty grassy pungent us

at last erotic love

fifty years in the making

better than we thought

From I Want to Show You: A Memoir in Poems

available at http://www.lulu.com/content/2350136


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