A Review Of Metal Detectors

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The hobby of metal detecting has become an increasingly popular sport. Many people buy a machine and then head to various beaches to find metal and gold. Some say that you can make lots of money doing it. The cost of the machines is usually bought back by a few visits to the beach. It is like being a treasure hunter, each time you go out, you never know what you will find! There are some models that are reviewed, most are great with just a few glitches.

The Minelab Safari is a great system for beginners, it has a great ability to find deep metal and detect it. It is also a pro on wet or dry sand and can go between the two with ease. The excellent pin pointing system allows users the knowledge of knowing exactly where items are for precise digging. It also has lots of sounds for different items, so you know whether your find is worth the shovel or not. The only downside to this device is that some people complain of it having a cheap feeling arm rest.

The Spectra V3 is another ideal option for anyone who loves to comb the beaches. It can sort out metal that is deeply buried in the sand and signal to you where it is. This system is for the advanced users because there are lots of settings that have to be played around with before it can be used properly. An average person might be able to learn if they give themselves a chance and read and watch all the instructional videos. This machine has great target ID`s and its graphs show you the size and probable target and area of item, it also comes with wireless headphones to enhance the experience.

Fisher F5 is a product that is in the mid range level. It can only detect metal that is fairly close to the surface, but it is sensitive and has lots of options to customize its performance and use. You can pick the tones for all target items, which makes it a great feature to have. It is also light weight and easy to use, great for anyone new to the idea of picking up metal from beach areas.

White Beach Hunter 300 is great on water and has lots of tunes for various items. It needs a water filled weight system to work efficiently and it is accurate for what it says that it is finding. That means that there is no need for disappointment.

Buying a metal detector machine is a great way to make some extra money and have fun. It can be a fun experience to go out on one weekend and hit the beach for buried treasure. You might feel like a kid again as you hunt for lost coins and jewellery. The only part that won`t feel like a kid is the advanced machines you are using that requires programming and custom tuning for optimal performance, and you get to cash in the products that you find. It truly is a finder`s keeper`s type of sport. With the incredible differences between machines it seems that there is a style for every stage of learner and metal detector that is out there. The many choices give people the opportunity to advance to higher models when they feel that they are ready.

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