Strange Enough Break Up Poem/lyrics/rap

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This women has feelings for a man who she knows love her again. I obvisoly went throgh the samething. I wrote this in the begining of lost year. I was still single and clueless. I was execpecting to go out back with this man,but months later I met my fiance. This man was way better then the man I wrote this to,Now I’m happy I found love. My fiance is the best thing that happended to me so far. I really love and treasure this poem like all the other ones that I well share with the public.

Strange enough

By Ivonne L.

Being with you is like looking into a stranger’s face complete. I can’t say nothing to you but impress or hide from you. Strange enough we just can’t be. Even thou we were one before ever since you have been a stranger to me. Strange enough I miss you, and I want you back. It would be a major mistake to beg.

It’s such a shame that I lost you for someone who just wasn’t worth it. Yet strange enough I shouldn’t think twice. It’s bad luck, so I should just move on and let you be. Strange enough it might just be better this way.

Strange enough I’d would rather have those precious moments we had. Then never have had you at all, so I say good bye to you and farewell. Strange enough I’d rather just be alone.Strange enough it isn’t worth begging for your love,


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