How To Apply Foundation Properly

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Foundation can do many things nowadays, it can make you look more polished, more awake, make your skin look clearer, smoother or even make you look younger, but only if you apply it properly.

So many women are either wearing the wrong shade of foundation or not wearing it correctly, or both!

Below is a guide to help you apply your foundation to create a flawless, natural look.

Firstly think about what type of foundation you need or want, do you want powder? Liquid? Mousse?

The foundation you choose should also depend on your skin type, below are some suggestions

Dry skin: Liquid foundation

Oily skin: Powder compact or mineral powder foundation

Combination skin: mineral powder foundation or mousse foundation

Acne: medicated foundation

Blemish or imperfection prone skin: mineral foundation

Once you have chosen the correct type and colour for your skin, and you should test the colour ON YOUR FACE as this will give you the only true match, you can start to apply.


Make sure you apply your foundation in good natural light, if you don’t have enough light, you ill apply too much.

Liquid or mousse foundation

If you are applying liquid foundation, use your fingertips, this will give you a more natural, streak free finish. Apply one fingertip sized dot on your nose, one on either cheek and one on your forehead and blend together.

Apply two dots, one on either side of your jaw and blend upwards and down onto your neck.

Mineral powder foundation.

Much the same as above, but apply and blend the dots with the brush provided, or your own medium sized brush.

Powder compact foundation

Use a sponge to apply, and apply in small circles all over your face and neck.

Medicated foundation.

This can dry very quickly, so you need to be fast when you are applying it, apply as you would liquid or mousse foundation.


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