Christian Militants Arrested After Fbi Raids

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The suspects were arrested during FBI raids in three US midwestern states. Eight alleged members of the Hutaree Christian Militia group were arrested by the FBI and the ninth turned himself in yesterday. The eight men and one women were arrested in Indiana, Ohio, and Michican. The group are alleged to have conspired to kill a police officer and planned to kill more policemen at the funeral. This was their way of waging war against the AntiChrist.

The indictment… outlines an insidious plan by anti-government extremists to murder a law enforcement officer in order to lure police from across the nation to the funeral where they would be attacked with explosive devices,’ said Attorney General Eric Holder.”

The Hutaree groups website is both interesting and spooky. The group claim to be true believers of Christ who were ready to wage war against the Antichrist. There are videos showing the group training, a blog showing how to set up a water purifying system, and a very strange forum. I looked through the forum and read messages from people all over our country trying to set up Christian militia groups. In their ‘Beast Watch’ section of the Hutaree’s website, the group teaches about the mark of the beast, an implantable bio chip. Very interesting, yet scary. What gets to me the most is how this alleged Christian militant group used quotes from the Bible to wage their terror. The problem is the Bible does not teach us to wage any type of terrorism in God’s name.

In my humble opinion, I believe if this group did plan terrorist attacks on the US or any other country, they were not a Christian group. In name only, they were a Christian Militant group. I am a Christian and I condemn their actions. What this group was alleged to be planning was wrong and was a way of rubbing our God’s name through the mud. Shame on them and any other group that wages terrorism in the name of God. Christ died for each of us to cover our sins with His blood. He rose again, so that someday we will meet him in Heaven. God does not need a terrorist group to wage war for Him. Christ already gave himself for the whole world.

I remember when I was a child. My family was forced to go to many churches by the commands of my father. He made his children go to church and to the members houses and sing Christian hymns to them. When we reached home, my father was not the man he portrayed himself to be at church. He was a raging drunk. My father beat my mother, my siblings, and myself nearly every day of our childhood. Our father verbally, mentally, and physically abused his family. He did things to other people that are unmentionable. When I became an adult, I learned my father was into devil worship and made believe he was a Christian, so he could look good to the commiunity.

If this group was planning what was alleged, they are not truely Christian people. They used the name Christian to make their group look better than it was. When in reality they were a terrorist organization. Shame on the militant group who went by the name Hutaree. Shame on any other group who uses God’s name to rain terror down on the innocent. God Bless America.God save us from ourselves and our childish ideas.



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