Top Destinations For A Romantic Vacation

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Planning a romantic vacation can be at one and the same time exhilarating but nerve-wracking if you get it wrong. This is why even if you are arranging a surprise romantic getaway, it would be best, if you don’t already know your lover’s tastes, to quiz your partner so you can be certain he or she will be thrilled with your ideas.

The top romantic summer vacation for one person might mean nothing to another for instance a place that has special meaning to you as a couple may not appeal romantically to others. If you have no particular destination in mind, you might be thinking about booking a secluded cottage or cabin, an intimate bed and breakfast or a stay in a cosy inn but how about this for a top romantic destination idea: why not stay in a castle or rent a castle in one of the most enchanting and romantic countries, Scotland or Ireland?

In days of old, only the Laird or the Chief of the Clan could enjoy the facilities and repose of staying in Scottish castle but times have now changed and visitors are made as welcome as the gentry in many of these ancient romantic locations.

Top Romantic Summer Vacation Destinations

There are hundreds of castles still standing in Ireland Scotland today, each with its own exciting history and stories to tell and many of these ancient sites are available for holidays. In fact a recent change in Scottish marriage law now allows a couple to marry where they choose and Scottish castles and ancestral homes are also becoming popular choices for both religious and civil marriage ceremonies. For anyone interested, the legal requirements for getting married in Scotland can be found at

Where might you find accommodation in a Scottish Castle?

How much more romantic can it be to holiday in a sixteenth century castle with secret passages and dungeons? Barcaldine Castle (also known as the Black Castle) situated on the shores of Loch Creran near Oban has interiors designed to encourage guests to immerse themselves in its historic and romantic atmosphere. This holiday destination was the scene of a ghastly murder in the eighteenth century and is said to be one of Scotland’s haunted castles.

Built in the twelfth century, Tulloch Castle is situated in the bustling market town of Dingwall in the beautiful Scottish Highlands. This magnificent fortress has a fascinating history and welcomes travellers from all over the world. Its ideal location will give the romantic couple a chance to explore the Highlands of Scotland.

Should a couple want to include family and friends on their holiday and still enjoy the fairytale, enchanted romantic atmosphere of a historic building they might all get together and rent an entire castle. Castle Stuart at Inverness, built in 1625 has eight guest rooms available including a three-turret haunted bedroom at the top of the East Tower.

While Ardverike, the setting of BBC’s ‘Glen Bogle’ in ‘Monarch of the Glen’ offers four holiday homes and cottages scattered in this peaceful and spectacular estate. With lochs, woods, mountains and sea, this romantic holiday destination offers the chance for the romantic couple to enjoy experiences that will weave memories they will cherish for the rest of their lives.

Where might you find accommodation in an Irish Castle ~

Situated among some spectacular scenery, Ashford Castle in Ireland was voted the best resort in Ireland by Conde Nast in 2008, and 2nd Best Resort in Europe. Guests are provided with the finest accommodation in rooms and suites and many of the rooms retain their original features as well as being equipped with modern amenities for the romantic who prefers to stay in contact with the real world while enjoying a fairytale experience!

The magnificent Dromoland Castle in County Clare, Ireland was built in the 16th century. Here the romantic couple can relax and unwind in a turret suite or standard room, all with spectacular views of the castle’s grounds. They might take a leisurely swim in the swimming pool or enjoy a massage in the Spa and enjoy romantic evening meals in a choice of restaurants.

Or how about booking a romantic vacation in one of the oldest inhabited castles in Ireland? Kilkea Castle  in County Kildare was built in the twelfth century and every guest room has its own unique qualities. Here the romantic couple can transport themselves back in history through wandering around ancient passages and hallways, they might stroll through the formal gardens or relax in the swimming pool. There is also a sauna, steam room and Jacuzzi while the restaurant offers both traditional and contemporary cuisine.

Belleek Castle in Balina, Ireland is situated in thousands of acres of woodland and forestry. This ancient building boasts large open log fires by which gun dogs curl up and sleep and many antiquities. Guest rooms are spacious, many with four-poster beds while the banqueting room makes for a great romantic wedding venue.

With so many castles in stunning locations each with its own fascinating history, Scotland and Ireland both offer an excellent choice of top romantic summer destinations for a couple to enjoy a fairytale vacation.


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