General Things You Should Know Before Buying A New Computer

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First of all I would like to point out that most of us don’t know what to count on when buying a new computer or they just ask the seller for their opinion, well this will stop you from regretting on buying a new computer in the future, let’s start…

Now there are two ways to buy a new PC:

  1. Buying a full case with every necessary part in it, this way is the better and more expensive way.

  2. Buying parts and then combining them to make a new computer, this way is good but the parts won’t necessarily work along with each other, nevertheless this way is really cheap and it works most of the time.

Now there are many things to check on when buying a new PC, and the most important are included here:


It is better that you motherboard supports DDR2 or DDR3 and not DDR1 because it is more expensive to buy DDR1 and if you want to upgrade your ram in the future you’ll have to stick with something cheap.


The ram you need depends on what you are, if you are a gamer then 2GB ram is more than good, but if you just work on Microsoft office programs or surf the internet then 1GB will suit you.


The CPU, also known as Central Processing Unit, from its name it processes the information on the computer, first of all you would need to be looking at the processor its self, Dual core processor processes info twice as for Core 2 duo it processes it 4 times but it also counts on the GHZ, Dual core 2.5GHZ is enough and cheap so ask for that, those are Intel processors I would stick with those.


The 3 points on top are the most important but there are some things I have not mentioned to not make this really complicated, like:

  1. FSB of the motherboard

  2. BUS speeds of the motherboard and processor (you can Google those if you need to know everything)

  3. Hard disk, the more things you need to save on your computer the bigger memory you need on the hard disk and good RPM (Round Per Minute) to make the copy, paste technique more faster.

  4. Another important point for gamers is the Video Card, some games will only support kinds of video cards like GEforce, ATI radeon video cards or have a minimum number for the memory of the video cards but 1GB is good for gamers.

That was all you need to know when buying a new computer I didn’t get in depth with this because some stuff are not worth to be mentioned.

Now I conclude this by saying good luck to you all in buying your new computer!

Best wishes



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