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Socrates once said that by using his dialectic method of inquiry, a problem can be solved by breaking it into a series of questions. In other words, if we keep pursuing a problem by asking and acquiring knowledge, sooner or later we will get the key to resolve it.  If this is true, why is it that the tautological question of “what is the best way to make money?” has not been resolved although it has been asked since time in memorial?

The answer is simple. If “best” is subjective, it must also be true to what constitutes a good way of making money. For example, if an inexperience entrepreneur were to ask himself the said question, then obviously some ways that are deemed best cannot be used by him. It would be out of the question for him to set up a large company with hundreds of employees working and making money for him. Unfortunately, this example applies to at least 90 % of the world’s population.

On the bright side, we are no longer living in a pure capitalist era. Although the rich always get richer, the poor does not necessarily get poorer. The invention of internet has changed the world. It has created a vast amount of money making opportunities to all classes of people. In other words, the internet is the best medium to make money!

The above statements might sound contradictory. If best is subjective, then why is best to make money on the internet? This is because the above statements are not in contradiction, but in fact they conform to one another. The internet is just a medium to execute any money making opportunity that one can do in real life. For example, one can make money by being a teacher in a concrete school or make money on the internet by teaching online. The possibilities of what one can do to make money on the internet.

Although the above conundrum is yet to be resolved, it is simple to draw a list of what is subjectively good for a person to be his best way to make money on the internet. One can be an online author, an affiliate marketer, a teacher, a legal advisor, a trader etc. As long as one knows what he is good at, and set a goal of what he wants in terms of working hours and income, the internet can be the best medium to execute his dreams.


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