Healthy Aging – Financial Wellness For Aging Well

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When it comes to a healthy aging your financial wellness is important just as your physical and mental wellbeing, and it is for sure one of the most important factors or even one of our life goals to achieve.

Most of us are going to get retired at the age of 60 or 65 and because of that we are going to live with a fixed income for (hopefully) many years to come, so you better start to plan your retirement as soonest as possible.

One of the factors of financial wellness is the stress that it causes on our daily life and that stress doesn’t help to aging well, and because of that I’m going to talk about that and how to deal with it on this article.

Situation 1: You lose your job! First of all it’s not your fault, don’t be a shame and don’t blame yourself if you did your work right, getting fired, unfortunately can happen to anyone.

First of all check if you were unjustly fired (Wrongful Termination) check your local laws and also check if you are eligible for unemployment benefit, after that you have to focus on what are going to do, start to look for a new job (you can even get a better job now) or search for a bank credit and start your own business! (Yes, you can be your own boss).

Situation 2: Work To Live! But not live To Work! Although working is very important to achieve financial wellness and a healthy aging, you cannot live to work; you have to understand that the idea of working is getting money for you to live.

Situation 3: Retirement, are you ready? Financial experts say that you need at least 80% of your pre-retirement income to maintain your lifestyle, you should call the Social Security Administration and ask their assisting in order to find out how much you will get by way of retirement benefit from the Government, and also talk to the Human Resource department where you work to get an estimate of the pension benefit.

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