How To Run Chkdsk

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  1. Go to the Start menu and click on My Computer.
  2. Once you’re in ‘My Computer’ right click on the drive you want to run the Chkdsk on. This will probably be the ‘Local Disk: (C:)’
  3. After you right click on the drive you wish to perform Chkdsk on, find the ‘Properties’ button and click it.
  4. A window should now pop up with multiple tabs—click on the ‘Tools’ tab.
  5. After you click on ‘Tools’ look under a section called Error-Checking and click ‘Check Now.’
  6. After you click ‘Check Now’ a window may pop up asking you if you wish to continue. Click ‘Continue’ (If a window does not pop up asking you to continue ignore this step).
  7. You should now be in a window that has two clickable boxes. Make sure they are both selected. The first one will fix file system errors, while the second one will identify and try to fix any bad sectors that may be on your disk.


After you click Start you will have to restart your computer. It is when your computer is restarting that your computer will run the Chkdsk.

Make sure you won’t need your computer for a couple hours because this is typically how long a Chkdsk will take.

Once the Chkdsk is finished make sure you read through the results to see if it found any bad sectors. If it found bad sectors it should say whether or not it was able to fix them. If it wasn’t able to fix them you may need a new hard drive depending on how dire the situation is with your computer.


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