Keeping Your House Cat Well Groomed

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Keeping your cat well groomed is important to the overall health of your beloved pet.  Although cats do a good job of grooming themselves, they still need the help of their owner to keep everything in check.

 Longhaired cats require more grooming than shorthaired breeds.  You should brush your cats fur coat every day for about 20 strokes with a soft cat brush. In addition, don’t forget to brush behind their ears and under their chin.  Don’t be surprised if you hear some serious purring when you brush the chin area.

 If you have along haired cat such as a Persian, you need to have them professionally groomed at least twice a year.  In addition, you still need to brush their coat every day possibly 30 strokes with a soft brush due to their long hair.  Make sure you purchase a special cat brush at your local pet store.  Cat brushes are designed much softer than the brushes that humans may use.

 Finally, pets are a real joy; they can add so much happiness to our lives.  It is important to take care of them properly to ensure their overall health and happiness.

 Persian and Himalayan cats defiantly require a great deal more care especially where grooming is concerned.  If you do own a special breed cat, you must make the effort to keep them healthy and well groomed.  Some people do bathe their cat; you don’t have to unless your cat has a hard time grooming and keeping he or herself clean.


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