Tell me about money….

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We have read hundreds of self development books, we have heard so many entrepreneur stories… Maybe we tried to be the entrepreneur couple of times… We are still trying to find something as web hunters.

We are looking for investors for our projects, the financial income is considered very seriously. We meet a rich, famous person and we feel the smell and “fear” of money at the same time. We want to improve our reputation on social media, we want to be a personal brand… all the roads lead us to money. “So what aobout money?” is the question remains behind at the end of the day. It is not possible to do something without money, that’s right but it is also not possible to reach the money source without doing some certain things. It is so hard even to see the light of a penny….

Egg comes from chicken or chicken comes from egg… That’s the story but not that hopeless… Let’s ask if we are doing the right things and can not make money… Is this the case?

– We can not really control our network. We do not know what we have talked with who lately, when we met face to face with our most important contacts, with whom we want to meet in 2009 and represent ourselves. We have so many contacts on social media networks but we don’t know who is useful, who can contribute and it is hard to decide.

– We are running BIG projects in BIG companies but we don’t run our lifetime project of becoming a personal brand seriously enough.

– We do not make effective time management.

– We are talking about numbers and statistics in our web sites anda blogs… We do not measure the real focus points.

– We dream of a sudden vertical promotion. We do not care about horizontal development, expertise… We are not patient enough, we give up too quick.

– We want applause, we want to be famous. But we don’t work enough. It is smarter to make money without working from this point of view. How many examples do you have around, if there is an example was this a lifetime experience or was it daily bread money only?

– We don’t play the game according to the locally translated universal rules. We stuck in the traditional sales and marketing rules.

– We decide our targets according to other people instead of ourselves…. Family, close friends, colleagues, bosses, criticizers etc. We can not say “sorry, this does not fit to my plan”.

– Starting from childhood we find ourselves in a competitive environment. That’s how our touchstone forms. We forget how we measure…. according to what, according to who, according to which concept, which model….

– We see everyone we meet as money, we attack them and we cause them to go away. We can’t see the opportunity, we don’t care enough and we’re missing it.

– We try to make ourselves accepted in the society with unlimited ambition and lack of manners. We are whimsical and appear with a lack of balance. Personal branding is, not this!

– There is no one to tell our mistakes face to face. We don’t do this ourselves either and the mistakes grow on and on. Besides we live in a “I know the best” manner.

– We are stubborn. The dose of modesty is always low. This has to be balanced.

– We do not learn the rules of our environment and business market. We always defend our own ways of doing business.

– We can not market ourselves successfully. Overdose or underestimate… Both does not work.

– We are drowned in a chaos of information and perception. We try to see the big picture via small mirrors in somebody’s hands. This is very difficult.

– We envy other people’s stories but we don’t care of our own story. It is even hard to remember chronologically. We do not remind ourselves our unconscious mistakes or conscious achievements. And we don’t tell our story to other people.

– We are too sensitive or too logical in decision making process.

– “They managed to do that” we always say for other people but we don’t learn how they attempt to do that. “He is born with a silver spoon in his mouth” we say but we don’t look how they manage to keep that silver spoon always up. Time deceives us and we always say “later”.

Did you notice that I’ve talked rarely on money? Let’s work 30% of these out properly and if we can not manage it then say it’s a matter of faith. And start again. I can not be considered as a successfull man in terms of money. But when you try to achieve some of the items above luck comes to your side. Can I earn more? Of course, why not! But I have to apply what I’ve read and written more. If I can not succeed, I start all over again reviewing my mistakes.

That’s how I talk of money, how do you talk about it?



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