Resonance Of Fate – Levelling Guide

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If at some point in Resonance of Fate, you suddenly find mobs grabbing you by the pony tail and punching your teeth out, then this guide is for you.

Levelling in this game is not quite as straight forward when compared to other JRPGs. This is because it is not just a case of gaining experience for your character. In Resonance of Fate you progress through your weapons.  Your character’s level is the sum of the level of the 3 types of weapons. So if Vashyron’s handgun is level 8, his machine gun 1, and his thrown weapon is at 6, then Vashyron’s character level will be 15.

Eventually, without being able to advance the plot any further because you are not strong enough to beat a certain boss, grinding your main weapon in an area will stop yielding good experience. If this occurs, here is what you do; take everyone’s weapon off and switch them all round. If this is your first time doing this it will now mean everyone will only get 1 charge out of their weapon, so it’s off back to level 4 outside Ebel City to begin grinding with your switched weapons. You can also put thrown abilities on someone else and start lobbing Molotovs at stuff. (Putting the item ability on someone else other than Leanne is recommended, however you can gain no experience from using items). You will observe your character’s levels begin to soar.

Here’s my big secret. The best grind area has to be the Arena, just outside of Ebel City. Here you can grind, finish battles in about 2 goes, and get money and drops at the same time! Not only that, but every fight will earn you battle coins which you can exchange for useful items or accessories.


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