Halloween food: how to roast pumpkin seeds

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Pumpkins seeds can be saved when you carved it out to grow more plants or to roast it and eat it. Wash the seeds and pat dry with a paper towel. Season it with salt and add any flavors you may like: pepper, curry, onion, garlic, butter , you name it. Put it in an over, a microwave or skillet and cook it.

You can cool the cooked seeds, sealed it in a jar, use it with other recipe like soups. Cooking pumpkin will be fun for snacks and holiday like Halloween. You can buy them but it’s fun to make them at home. I prefer to make mine at home. Pumpkin seeds can be extracted directly from the pumpkin that you’ll be using for cooking or carving. You should save it and roast it for fun. This is a good recipe for Halloween or just whenever that you’re bore.


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