How To Do Smoky Eyes

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How to do smoky eyes. Smoky eyes are not as hard as you think. Smoky eyes are really nice if you know how to do them. They look so pretty. When you are going out to a party, dancing or just to do your makeup different. Why not try doing the smoky eye look.You do not always have to do black.How to do smoky eyes. Smudgy smoky eyes look so nice when you go out. How can you do smoky eye without making a mess. Use neutral, golden nude or bronze tones these work best. Leave the black smoky shadow to the pros. Using a wide shadow brush start at the base of your lashes and then sweep on the bronze shadow up to the crease. You can use any dark eyeshadow you like. Then apply gold shimmer from the crease up the brow bone, creating a graduated cooler effect.Then working with the two shades will make it easier blending eliminating the chance for excess shadow to fall beneath eye and then smudge. After you shadow’s done apply concealer for a smooth clean finish. It is always good to use a concealer after you are finish this helps your makeup stay on longer without smudgy. Now you can do your own eyes. How easy was this. You can do smoky eyes with any colors you perfer.This is I think much easy to do. It does not  always have to be black to get the smoky eye you want. So  you can do your own colors you want.


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