Is It Corruption Or Incompetent

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Is it Corruption or Incompetent

By Dennis s. Murray Sr.

Our leaders are acting like babies sucking on lollypops a sleep at the wheel, while the American people are divided. However, many of them are at fault for electing do-nothing politicians while the economy is still in the tank. President Barrack Obama is not the reason that this country is in the mess it is in because American’s understand the complexity of the problems that are affecting them and there families before he was elected.  It is not feasible to get all your information from the major networks like C-Span, CNN, Fox News, or any other media outlet because they are usually telling you what hot news is for the day. The listeners in this uncertain economy might not think that the news report reflexes the truth, because many news agencies rush to judgment before clearing the factors, not just a portion of the story; the true facts. This nation news outlet reported what former President George H. Bush and his Administration said regarding weapons of mass destruction in Iraq, which kick off a war of words and none of these non-partisan groups, were being unruly during his Administration at the level of anger like we see with the current Health Care Bill passed by Democratic Congressional members and President Obama. This country was brought to its knees with corporate corruption and massive spending in Iraq for a mission that the American people didn’t want or was told to believe.

The destruction of Irag and the killing of Saddem Hussein never concluded any results from the horrific act of 911 nor did he have any weapons of mass destruction to harm the American people. Perhaps Saddem Hussein was a madman but Former President Bush and Donald Rumsfeld didn’t think so when Congress and the former President Bush provided weapons to Iraq.  Neither the public nor Congress thought to investigate beyond what Former President Bush was feeding the American people regarding trade or funding of weapons to Iraq.  What did the American people gain from this? We got greed, incompetents, and corruption with AIG, MCI, Exxon, Halliburton, Banking Industry, Enron, and more that took taxes payers lifesaving, 401ks, retirements, jobs “went overseas”, and homes before the news break the story. Many of the CEO’s of these companies knew that they were breaking the law before the news media broke the story. We can’t blame President Obama!

President Obama is very competent to help the American people but the members of the Republicans and Democratic Party need to understand each others needs and stop letting lobbyist dictate how they will vote or do business. Republicans and Democartics need to stop the blame game regarding each others and stop the corruption in-house. Our Congress needs to work or bargain with President Obama mafia style to pass real issues for the American people. This sound like a Mafia complex which was created in Italy in the 1800’s originally as a group for resistance fighters for the people. Are we fighting for the people or against each other like they do in the streets? Have we resorted to animal’s tendencies that spit on people of honor like CongressmanJohn Lewis a pioneer of the Civil Rights Moments and a man that loves people and understands their fight for equal justices? Are the American people reflecting the Jim Crow, Bull Connors, and J Egar Hoover error of discrimination? We should disengage from these painful moments in our history during slavery and the Civil Rights Moment that affected everyone.  The country is still healing from the horrific injustice of Native Indians, African Americans, and Hispanics that were in-slaved and in most areas still discriminated against with higher unemployment: 16.8, health care, and loans than our white counterparts in this country.

The passing of Americas Health Care Bill, March 22, 2010 was like going to the bargain basement with Congressional members whom got millions of dollars for their states product and services for signing and voting for this bill. Sounds like Mafia bargaining techniques, twisting arms from block to block to get they point across and increasing congressional war chest.”

What would Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. or Gaudi say regarding the way the American people have been acting during President Obama office or Administration? Traditionally organization of criminal syndicate prey on our vulnerable and Former George H. Bush Administration did just that with instilling fear tactics and payoff to our elected officials to change they vote on the issues? Sound like the Mafia!   Perhaps you can compare this fight for Health Care like Thurgood Marshall fought for equal education and civil rights in the courts for socially disadvantage and underserved citizens.  We have a strong intelligent African American man “President Obama” in the White House with an African American woman “First Lady, Michelle Obama” beautiful woman by his side but the Republicans and their racial bureaucracy needs to get over its racist tones regarding our President Barrack Obama.

Racial matters in this country should not raise its ugly head, but we should have open discussion to eliminate racial ugliness steering down our throats in 2010. Many Black’s and White American’s relationship discard that discrimination is alive and well in the 21st Century, because they are trying to forget what happen with the injustice of minorities in America. Everyone should view the new documentary “Fare Game” produced by Mario Van Peebles. Perhaps Congress should watch this program and get a reality check on racial parity in this country and stop avoiding these matters.

The Republican Party with the help of some fellow Democartics and lobbyist have attributed to the downturn of this economy from 2000-2008 and now in 2010 the Democartics are in the majority and are still sitting on their hands. Yes, we have a health Care Reform Bill, but at what price and is it a good bill. That’s for the American people to decide, but not in anger. If the Health Care Bill works for 85% of the citizens of America than we are in good shape. If the Republicans are still angry because they didn’t pass a Health Care Reform package for their political future in the November elections with the American people they shouldn’t start Congressional War in-house because they are disappointed. They should embrace the idea and help continue to fix a health care system that still needs mending with excessive waste in Medicare. We should  work together and stop these misleading law suites against Health Care Reform lead by angry state Republican Governors like Sonny Perdue of Georgia and others, which originally turndown stimulus money but they all took it anyway.

Where was the tea party activist during former President Bush actions to take us to war, with massive debt in everyone’s pockets? Where was the tea party activist when the death of 4,000 plus U.S. soldier’s and over 35,000 plus wounded from a war that was started by a lie.  Where are the protestor’s anger to help Veterans who lost everything when there came home in addition to the thousand of families that Former President Bush destroyed due to his actions of misleading us into war. The battle in Congress and in-house fighting in American should stop now and the discrimination among the people should stop as well. We will never be hold until we sit down and understand why it is so much anger among the people that we should love. Congressional members need to set a better example respecting one another and avoid showing the world that we are still fools living in the land of the free. Many European countries look up to us but we continue to show the world how foolish we really are.

We need to show our President respect and Congressional member’s needs to stop shouting disrespectful words when he/she or any member of Congress is making a statement on the house floor. The rise of violence during the Health Care Bill and debate is what we see in drug related issues on the streets of New York, Mexico, Atlanta, GA, and others places with high crime violence. How should the Mafia or other corrupt organizations react when one doesn’t do what he or she wants them to do? This violence is not acceptable now and it needs to stop. The American people continue to show their true colors by there actions of discriminatory abuse against people that are just trying to do a difficult job, but we should hold them accountable to making good solid decision for the American people but violence is not the answer. We are acting like organized criminals syndicate relying on muscle, direct threats, fear, ignorance, and overt acts of violence to achieve its goals. We should not use violence to get our point across but this country lives on it and it needs to stop.

We have destroyed families in Iraq and America despite the problems that were there before President Obama took office and we have blamed him for 8 years of depleting the American economy, when he wasn’t in office then. That wrong! The only reason some white Americans are mad at President Obama is because he is a black man in the White House. Let’s stop this act of discrimination and work with President Obama until he leave office in 2014 or 2018 to resolve the problems in America.

“Share the love and not the pain”


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