How To Earn Money Writing For Associated Content

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Figuring out how to earn money writing for websites like Associated Content, Ehow and Suite 101, can be as challenging as locating the Fountain of Youth!  However, I have uncovered some helpful tips from being a content producer with Associated Content for the last few years.  Here are some of my findings:

To make money writing for Associated Content, you must submit interesting articles on a regular basis.  Write articles about everything!  Review every restaurant you eat at, every store you shop at, every product you purchase, every museum/zoo you visit, every movie you see, every concert you attend…..well, you get the picture!

And if you go on a vacation, review the hotel, each of the hotel’s restaurants, the hotel spa, etc.  Review every beach you visit, every meal you consume, every sight seeing activity you partake in and ever town you frequent.  Normally, I receive $5.00 per piece from Associated Content for articles of this nature.  And remember, the more articles you write the more money you will make.

Once you have established yourself writing for Associated Content, you may be invited to become a Featured Contributor in your category of expertise.  For example, I have become a Featured Contributor in the fields of travel, crafts/hobbies and food and wine.  I am encouraged to submit three articles per category each month.  And because I am a Featured Contributor, I earn $8 to $10 per article.  The best part is, you can apply to be a Featured Contributor in as may categories as you like!

Promoting your Associated Content articles is important because you are also paid per page view.  It takes time, but for each and every article I publish on Associated Content, I then promote them with Google, Digg, Diigo, Stumbleupon and Pingomatic. 

And finally, to make money writing for Associated Content, be sure to sign up everyone in your email address book to receive all of your published articles to increase your page views!


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